About Us

TALLMAN ROBOTICS is based in China, facing the world, open and innovative. TALLMAN ROBOTICS headquarter is located in the international scientific and Technological Innovation Center - Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay district. Through independent research and development, it has mastered the core technology of motion control, established the "Tallman Robotics" brand, has dozens of knowledge patents, and won the certification of " high-tech enterprise" and honorary titles such as "Guangdong high-tech products" and "Golden Globe Award for high-tech products".

TALLMAN ROBOTICS Limited is a special R&D and manufacturer of Linear modules, Intelligent electric grippers, automation components, and precision motion systems.
TALLMAN ROBOTICS serves global partners with high quality specials such as Single Axis Linear Modules, Multi Axis Linear Modules, Ball Screw Linear Modules, Belt Drive Linear Modules, Intelligent Electric Grippers, Rotary Electric Grippers, Integrated Electric Grippers, Linear Motors, Electric Cylinders, Servo Motors, Hollow Rotary Tables etc.

TALLMAN ROBOTICS independently developed softforce high-precision force control system and launched precision motion parts such as electric gripper, intelligent electric cylinder, voice coil motor driver and linear motor driver to provide precision motion  (More) 

Electric grippers, Linear Modules
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