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Application scenarios of Linear Motion Stages in various automation fields

1.Laser engraving Linear Motion Stages
The standard repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.005mm, which is suitable for use in ordinary environment. Due to its unique design, this product has high cost performance. TMTH series linear module has a body width of 40mm and small volume. It is applied to the laser engraving industry, with skills to ensure small accuracy deviation, high-speed operation and improve work efficiency.

2.Laser marking Linear Motion Stages
TMS series linear module from Tallman Robotics is composed of high-precision ball screw + high-rigid aluminum profile, with repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.005mm, and has the characteristics of high speed and stability. The laser marking machine uses the scanning method to mark, that is, the laser beam is incident on the two mirrors, and the scanning motor is controlled by the computer to drive the mirrors to rotate along the X and Y axes respectively. After the laser beam is focused, it falls on the marked workpiece, thus forming the trace of laser marking. The linear module has the characteristics of high speed and high precision, and the component structure is simple. It can be used in multi axis combination. It is the preferred component for laser marking.

3.Laser cutting Linear Motion Stages
Laser cutting process uses invisible light beam to replace the traditional mechanical knife. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to the limitation of cutting pattern, automatic typesetting, material saving, smooth incision, low processing cost, high processing precision, good repeatability and no damage to the material surface. The repeated positioning accuracy of our linear module is ± 0.005mm. It adopts ball screw and high-rigid aluminum profile, which has the characteristics of high precision and fast speed, The component has simple structure and can be combined with multiple axes, which is suitable for the field of laser cutting.

4.Laser welding Linear Motion Stages
Laser welding melts the workpiece and forms a specific molten pool by controlling the parameters of laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency. Its high-precision positioning and speed can be completed by linear module. Our module adopts ball screw, which has the characteristics of high speed; Due to the unique advantages of laser welding machine, it has been successfully applied to the precision welding of micro and small parts.

5.Punching machine Linear Motion Stages
The punching machine moves the material to the scanning area of the camera of the automatic punching machine. After the camera scans the image, it processes and sends a signal to the control part. After the control part receives the signal, it further processes and controls the action of the transmission part to make the punch move on the x-axis and y-axis on the plane. After the moving action is completed, the pneumatic part starts to work, and the solenoid valve controls the cylinder to punch. Using our straight-line module and automatic punching machine to print the positioning hole of the brush, the whole action is done in one go, fast, accurate and efficient.

6.Sample plotter Linear Motion Stages
Sample plotter products are widely used in the automation industry to realize the batch work of machine drawing instead of human hand drawing. The main moving parts on the plotter are linear modules. Our modules have high precision and high speed. We cooperate with the equipment development of engineers to effectively control the additional cost of equipment development.

7.Linear module of non-standard automatic vision online measuring instrument
Non standard automatic vision online measuring instrument is an integrated equipment that can realize automatic online measurement, judgment and classification. During operation, the product only needs to be put into the assembly line conveyor belt for automatic induction. The machine will complete automatic detection and automatically complete the measurement of all positions and dimensions of the workpiece at one time. Using our module, the speed is fast, the positioning accuracy is high, and the operation is simple; For complex workpiece, only one key is needed to realize rapid measurement, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency.

8.Dispensing machine – dispensing machine hand mold group
The dispensing machine directly puts the product into the material tray and drops glue. It can dot the product, go straight line, draw arc and irregular curve. High dispensing precision and fast speed: the surface of the product is very clean. The visual dispensing workbench is a gantry motion structure. The platform does not move. It is used in combination with multiple axes. The y-axis is moving, resulting in higher output and more stable performance.

9.Painting – painting manipulator mold group
For painting, it is most important to pay attention to the consistency of coloring in the spraying process; In order to ensure the consistency of coating on the coating production line, components with strong stability need to be used for operation. Our module has a compact and simple structure and can be used with multi axis, which can greatly increase the stability of coating and the consistency of coloring.

10.Handling mobile manipulator mold group
During the horizontal movement of the handling mobile manipulator, it is necessary to maintain the stability and accuracy of the machine. Our module has simple and compact structure and strong universality. It can be combined with multiple axes for handling, which greatly reduces the cost and improves the work efficiency in the process of handling.

Linear module slide is widely used, so the selection of Linear Motion Stages is also very important. Please refer to the following steps:

1.Determine the use environment of the linear module slide: according to the use environment, it is determined as general environment, clean environment and harsh environment?

2.Determine the installation direction of linear module slide. Make sure that the module slide is installed horizontally, arm mounted or vertically.

3.Determine the load carried by the sliding table of Linear Motion Stages.

4.Check the running speed and acceleration of linear module slide.

5.Allowable torque check of linear module slide: calculate the torque values in all directions under static (uniform speed) state and acceleration and deceleration state: Ma, MB, MC.

6.Accuracy grade requirements of linear module slide: specify the required repeated positioning accuracy, walking parallelism requirements, etc.

7.Determine the installation style of the motor: the common installation methods of Linear Motion Stages include direct connection, installation on the left side of the motor, installation on the right side of the motor, installation on the bottom side of the motor, etc

8.Linear module slide table travel limit switch mode.

9.Determine the motor specification and power of the linear module slide.

The performance index of Linear Motion Stages can be measured from the following aspects.
Accuracy characteristics of linear module slide: including repeated positioning accuracy, positioning accuracy, walking parallelism, walking straightness, back clearance, etc.
Motion characteristics of Linear Motion Stages: transportable weight, anti torque ability, running speed, acceleration, running noise, etc.

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