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3 Axis Gantry Robot is finished and Ready for Pickup to Germany Client

3 Axis Gantry Robot from Tallman Robotics Limited will be transported to client from Germany.

What are the main components and uses of the linear module of 3 Axis Gantry Robot?
Linear modules play an important role in promoting the development of modern industry, especially in the rapid development of automation. This is due to the superior functions of various linear modules of 3 Axis Gantry Robot . What are the main components of linear modules?

1、 Linear guide
Linear guide rail is the central part of the linear module in 3 Axis Gantry Robot , which can support and guide the parts to move back and forth in a straight line, and complete some high-intensity related work. The linear guide rail has high rigidity and very small friction coefficient with the ball, so it can move back and forth in a straight line with high height and high precision, which is widely used in the fields requiring running speed and precision.
2、 Ball screw
Ball screw is also another core component in the linear module in 3 Axis Gantry Robot . Its main function is to match the ball and the screw, so as to greatly reduce the friction and realize the effective conversion between linear motion and rotary motion.
3、 Motor
All linear modules are inseparable from the existence of the motor. Why do you say so? Because whether it requires higher running speed or higher working accuracy, it needs a motor that continuously provides power to achieve this. Generally, the configuration of the motor is more flexible, such as stepping motor, AC / DC motor and even three-phase asynchronous motor, which can be flexibly configured according to the actual use needs.
4、 Photoelectric switch
The reason why the linear module in 3 Axis Gantry Robotcan realize high-precision action positioning is closely related to the photoelectric switch, which is an important component. In fact, the correct positioning of the linear module can be realized through the control of the photoelectric switch.

Through years of accumulation and precipitation in the industry, linear module controls energy consumption, saves labor costs and improves production efficiency with mold industry, auto parts industry, household appliances industry, kitchenware industry, metal plumbing appliances, glasses, accessories, clocks and watches and medical devices:

1、 Application of linear module in medical and pharmaceutical industries: we can also find traces in the printing of medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. For example, linear module is applied in the printing of plastic mechanical covers, the inspection, screening and packaging of drug delivery.
2、 Application of linear module electronic semiconductor industry: with the great development of innovation in the era of science and technology and the digital era, electronic products have entered all aspects of our daily life. Linear modules are everywhere in battery, it field, welding, motor welding, sensor, welding of frozen parts, marking of light guide plate, cable, LCD edge, marking of integrated circuit (IC), welding laser and welding.

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