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3 Axis Precision Positioning System is Finished for Clients from UK

3 Axis Positioning System from Tallman Robotics Limited has been Finished for Clients from UK

3 Axis Precision Positioning System is also named as XYZ-Stages,Precision XYZ Linear Stage,3-axis Coordinate System,3-axis positioning stage,Multi-Axis Motorized 3-Axis Stage.

Is the linear module just an instrument?

Linear module is an automatic mechanical instrument, which is not as flexible as manual machinery. Therefore, in practical work, it is necessary to master the change of its accuracy, which requires the use of the above methods of measuring linear module. Together, we must select the linear module with guaranteed quality to ensure the basic accuracy of the linear module. The planning style is useful. For industrial production, it is not necessary to plan the linear module like a work of art. It only needs to be useful.

On the basis of being useful, it is necessary to reduce the use of space to a large extent, that is, to achieve compact planning, the overall volume of the linear module is moderate, and the bearing capacity is also large enough.

The working parallelism is measured by placing a standard ruler on the platform of the high-quality and durable linear module, and the scale limit that the experimental indicator can move within the inner sliding block. The large difference in the reading within the moving scale limit of the servo electric cylinder is the measured value. High precision and strong bearing capacity. Precision should be one of the characteristics of the mechanical real line module.

Compared with machinery and labor, a great advantage is that the precision is much higher and will not change too much with the passage of time. This ability can ensure a good effect on the industrial assembly line and reduce the labor consumption, Linear motor and bearing capacity can also be customized according to different specific conditions of each enterprise. If the product weight required to pass through the linear module is relatively large, the data with better bearing capacity can be selected for production.

Positioning accuracy when measuring the accuracy of the linear module, take its larger stroke as the reference length, and then mark it with the absolute value of the larger error between the distance moving from the reference orientation to practice and the command value.

Multi joint manipulator: it has sensitive action, small motion inertia and strong universality. The micro electric steel can grasp the workpiece close to the base and bypass the obstacles between the body and the operation machinery. With the demand of production, it puts forward higher and higher requirements for the sensitivity, positioning accuracy and working space of the multi joint arm.

However, the linear module is only a kind of instrument, and the oscillation produced by long-term work will also change its accuracy. Therefore, the uniaxial arm needs to pay attention from time to time to see whether its accuracy is still in the original setting. It can be continuously used for one cycle under the condition of air cut-off, and an alarm will be given together to prompt the operator.

The direct manipulator cooperates with various non-standard fixtures, and the soft cable assisted manipulator can complete the lifting of workpieces of various shapes. The device can be fixed on the ground or suspended, and the guide rail type cannot be used.