6 Necessary Conditions for Linear Carriages And Slides

6 necessary conditions for 3d printer linear slide rail and carriage,linear guide carriages and slides,linear slide rail and carriage from Tallman Robotics Limited:

Linear Carriages And Slides are very popular and widely used in the field of industrial automation. Linear module is their left arm and right leg for industrial automation, so it is very precious and selective in selection. Because the selection of Linear Carriages And Slides is related to the work efficiency of the whole industrial chain, we must meet the following conditions when selecting:

1.Guide accuracy and thermal deformation of modules and supports. Guide rail accuracy refers to the precise level of the track when the moving component moves along the guide rail surface.

2.Accuracy continuity: refers to the ability to maintain the original geometric accuracy in the working process. The durability of module accuracy mainly depends on the wear resistance and dimensional stability of the guide rail.

3.The motion sensitivity of linear guide rail refers to the Z small stroke that the moving member can achieve, and the positioning accuracy refers to the ability of the moving member to stop at the specified position as required.

4.Vibration resistance and stability: stability refers to the performance without self-excited vibration under given working conditions; Vibration resistance refers to the ability of the module to accept forced vibration and impact.

5.Stiffness is very important for precision machinery and instruments. The deformation of the linear module includes the deformation of the guide rail body and the contact deformation of the guide rail pair. The stress and deformation resistance of the guide rail is poor. Deformation will affect the relative position and steering accuracy of parts.

6.Motion stability 3d printer linear slide rail and carriage stability refers to the performance that the guide rail does not crawl when moving at low speed or track. Choosing a good linear module can improve the efficiency of your industry, rather than choosing a poor quality module, because the price will reduce the overall efficiency of your industry.

In the machinery industry, with the continuous development of industrial products, there is also a corresponding demand. The application of linear sliding table has become more and more extensive. It has the advantages of convenient design and installation, small volume, light weight, high precision, good rigidity, complete, optimized design, and high-precision die rod needs to be supplied in the machine tool market. Sufficient inventory, low price, good service.

Many foreign enterprises are developing new steel grades. In the three-year revitalization plan of the equipment manufacturing industry of the State Council, it is undoubtedly very necessary to include the development of “special steel for machine tool ball screw and rolling linear guide” in the project of “special raw materials”

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