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90 ° Circular Arc Guide Rail is  one of our circular arc guide rails, we have 90 ° circular arc circular guide rail,180 ° precision roller arc guide rail,360 ° circular arc guide rail.  You are welcome to to watch our video centre for more projects or news, or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data.

Circular guide rail usually refers to a closed circular guide rail, which is composed of linear guide rail and arc guide rail, sometimes called arc guide rail. The installation method of the circular guide rail is more flexible, which can take the whole circular guide rail as the base, install the rotating parts on it, and drive the parts to rotate by rotating the circular guide rail.

90 ° circular arc guide rail

90 ° circular arc guide rail

Ring assembly line is a high-speed and precise ring assembly line, which can make the transmission of automatic production line / assembly line more high-end and concise. As a new type of high-tech intelligent equipment, ring assembly line is welcomed by enterprises with excellent performance and has good market development potential. The application of precision circular transmission products provides a perfect solution to reducing costs, improving efficiency and quality. It is to realize the automatic flow of various industries. So what are the advantages of circular line?
1. Quasi stop
It needs to be able to stop and locate accurately to ensure the unmanned and accurate action of automatic assembly machines such as automatic screwing machine or automatic riveting machine.
2. Short shot
It needs to be able to accelerate and decelerate quickly and run at high speed, which can greatly shorten the beat time.
3. High rigidity
Automatic screwing, automatic riveting or other actions will exert additional force on the sliding seat and guide rail; This requires that the guide rail and sliding seat have high rigidity to ensure that under the action of large external force, there will be no excessive deformation and offset, and the position of sliding seat is still accurate.
The above content is an introduction to the advantages of circular assembly line from TallMan Robotics Limited. As a modern production factory, it is always looking for ways to reduce production costs. We all know that freeing hands is the inevitable trend in the future. One of the automation directions is to put all stations together as close as possible, reduce the moving distance of the workpiece between the stations and minimize the floor space. To achieve this, the workpiece needs to move in a ring, and the ring assembly line needs to be adopted.

Curved Guide Rails from Tallman Robotics Limited has following seires:

Timing Belt Ring Guide Rail

Chain Drive Circular Guide Rail

Connecting Rod Drive Guide Rail 

90 ° Circular Arc Circular Guide Rail

180 ° Precision Roller Arc Guide Rail

360 ° Circular Arc Guide Rail

Precision Ring Guide Carriage Slides




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