Aerial Robot Can Fly Over Eaves and Walls!

The robot can “fly over eaves and walls”! “Aerial Robot” is super cool.

September 4 is the fourth day of the 2022 service trade fair. The sense of science and technology and the sense of future of many “hot money” theme experiences at the service trade fair provided an immersive experience for everyone.

Have you ever seen Aerial Robot that can “fly from eaves to walls”? Have you ever seen a robot that can “drop fire bombs”? The reporter visited the communication and digital technology theme hall located in hall 11 of Shougang park.

Aerial Robot

Reporter’s Exploration: Aerial Robot “fly over eaves and walls”: remove rust or “Hercules”.

Aerial Robot

The ship derusting robot can work on a 90 degree steel wall. According to the staff, this robot can lift 300 kilograms of heavy objects and can work on flat and curved surfaces.

Reporter’s visit to the Museum: “Aerial Robot”: capable of Airdropping fire bombs.

Aerial Robot

There is also a “Aerial Robot” at the exhibition site, which is a heavy unmanned helicopter. This helicopter has two main application scenarios. The first is that when putting out forest fires, it can shorten the flight time from three hours to 15 minutes. Second, this helicopter can carry out material transfer and delivery, with a range of 600 kilometers.

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