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Ball Screw Driven Modules are Linear Modules driven by ball screws, here we’d like to introduce our long stroke linear modules by model TMSL170 series.You are welcome to to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data. 

Ball Screw Driven Actuators
Ball screw runs quietly,with strong bearing capacity, ultra precision rotation and dimensional accuracy, and all-round reliability
Mounting parts of Ball Screw Driven Actuators
Install the motor through flange and coupling or through toothed belt linkage
Maintenance free servo motor with optional actuator
Electromagnetic sensor
Optical sensor
Mounting the motor via flanges and couplings in Ball Screw Driven Actuators
On all functional modules with ball screw drive mechanism, the motor can be installed through flange and coupling.
The flange is used to fix the motor on the functional module and as a sealed enclosure for the coupling.
The drive torque of the motor can be transmitted to the drive shaft of the functional module without torsion through the coupling.
Our standard couplings compensate for thermal expansion of the system.




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