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Ball Screw Linear Guide Actuators are high-performance components used in various precision motion control applications. Ball Screw Linear Guide Actuators combine the precision and efficiency of ball screw mechanisms with the stability and guidance of linear guides to provide accurate, reliable movement along a defined path.

Tallman Robotics Limited manufactures metric ball screws which are ideal for demanding applications. These are produced using advanced CNC thread rolling techniques, ensuring high precision and durability. They offer a variety of motion control solutions, including ball screws, lead screws, and linear actuators.

Tallman Robotics Limited features a variety of linear motion products such as precision ball screws, linear guide rail systems, and actuators. Their range includes compact, ultra-quiet versions, large diameter screws, and precision miniatures, catering to high-precision technological needs.

Tallman Robotics Limited provides Integrated Ball Screw Linear Actuator Series. This series integrates hybrid stepper motors with ball screws and nuts, resulting in high torque, precision, and efficiency. Available in five NEMA frame sizes (08, 11, 14, 17, 23), these actuators offer remarkable transmission efficiency exceeding 90%, which significantly reduces operational torque requirements.

Each of these products is designed to meet specific application requirements, offering varied configurations, motor frame sizes, and performance capabilities. They are essential for applications requiring precise linear motion, high load handling, and durability in operation.

here we introduce our ball screw driven linear modules by Model TMS62 for general environment as follows: 

Ball Screw Linear Guide Actuators Ball Screw Linear Guide Actuators Ball Screw Linear Guide Actuators

Electric Linear Slide Screw Driven Modules Screw Driven Modules

Screw Driven Modules

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