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Ball Screw Linear Modules are ready for delivery to Germany.

Ball Screw Linear Modules

Ball Screw Linear Modules from Tallman Robotics Limited have been finished for client from Germany. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects.

Linear slide has always been used more, especially with the development of automation profession, the use of Ball Screw Linear Modules is also more extensive; From factory to life, but rust may appear in the process of application. The rust of linear module will affect its service life and positioning accuracy. In fact, most of the reasons for the rusting of linear modules are due to improper use. Today, let’s learn how to prevent rusting in the process of using linear modules.

When using Ball Screw Linear Modules, it must be used at room temperature to prevent it from mixing with corrosive things as much as possible; If you have sweat stains on your hands when using, don’t directly touch the guide rail. If you use sweat stained hands to touch the guide rail, you should wipe a layer of antirust oil later. In order to better prevent the linear module from rusting, we’d better wipe the antirust oil on the sliding table of the linear module after use, so as to have a certain protective and smooth effect.

In order to ensure the excellent function of Ball Screw Linear Modules, in addition to paying attention to prevent rust, we should also regularly check and maintain it. For example, the slide rail of the linear module must be coated with some smooth oil regularly. Without sufficient smoothness, the conflict between the steel ball and the rolling surface will increase, which will lead to the shortening of the life of the linear module; The user can choose manual smoothing or automatic forced smoothing according to the working speed of the linear module and the application environment. In addition, the screw of the linear module should also be maintained, and it should be maintained with smoothing agent or smoothing grease.