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Ball screw linear stages are mechanical devices used to provide linear motion in a precise and controlled manner.

Ball screw linear stages consist of a platform or table that is moved back and forth along a linear axis by a ball screw mechanism.

The ball screw mechanism consists of a threaded rod and a nut that contains small ball bearings that roll along the thread. As the threaded rod is turned, the nut moves along the thread, causing the platform to move in a linear motion.

Ball screw linear stages are often used in applications where high precision and accuracy are required, such as in manufacturing, robotics, and scientific research.

They are also used in applications where smooth and quiet motion is important, such as in the semiconductor industry. 

Ball Screw Linear Stage Ball Screw Linear Stage Ball Screw Linear Stage


Model No Max Payload(kgs) Max Stroke




Drive Solution Motor Power (W)
TMS30 4 400 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 30
TMS45 10 800 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 50/100
TMS62 20 1050 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 100/200/400
TMS65 30 800 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 50/100
TMS85 50 1050 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 100/200/400
TMS100 65 1050 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 100/200/400
TMS135 110 1250 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 200/400/750
TMS150 120 1500 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 400/750
TMS170 130 1500 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 400/750
TMS220 150 1500 ±0.01/±0.005 screw 750

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