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Ball Screws are mechanical devices that are commonly used in linear motion applications to convert rotational motion into linear motion. They consist of a threaded rod with precision-made ball bearings in between the threaded rod and the nut. As the nut rotates, the bearings roll between the nut and the threaded rod, causing the rod to move linearly with nearly zero friction. Ball Screws are often used in industrial machinery, robotics, aerospace equipment, and other precision applications where accurate positioning and high load capacity are required.

Ball Screws from Tallman Robotics Limited have featuers as follows: 

High Reliability
Based on the assembly technology accumulated over the past decade, ball screws are managed through rigorous quality assurance systems from materials, heat treatment, manufacturing, inspection to shipment, thus possessing high reliability.

Smooth mobility
It has higher efficiency than traditional screws and requires less than 30% torque, making it easy to convert linear motion into more rotational motion. Even if pre pressed, the ball screw can maintain its smooth motion characteristics.

No backlash,high rigidity
Adopting a Gothicarch style groove shape, the axial clearance can be adjusted to a minimum and can be easily rotated. Perform pre compression adjustment between one or two nuts to eliminate axial clearance and provide appropriate rigidity that meets the usage conditions.

Excellent durability
Based on years of accumulated production technology for ball screws, using rigorous rigorous materials, through high heat treatment and processing technology, It can provide durable products.

Ball Screws Ball Screws

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