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Belt Driven Actuators are Finished for Clients from USA

Belt Driven Actuators, also termed as, belt driven linear actuator, belt driven linear actuator kit, will be delivered to Clients from USA.

Linear module is a kind of linear transmission device. There are two types: one is composed of ball screw and linear guide rail, and the other is composed of synchronous belt and synchronous pulley, that is belt driven actuator . Because of its wide range of use, convenient installation and high precision, it is accepted and used by the majority of users.


The synchronous belt linear module products are widely used in mechatronics, plotters, photo machines, flat-panel printers, automatic feeding, mobile platforms, camera platforms, automation equipment, lettering machines, inkjet printers, mechanical cutting machines, manipulators, laser cutting machines, engraving machines, feeding machines, automatic manipulators, palletizing machines, shoe machines, laser feeding machines, spraying machines, blanking machines, dispensing machines, welding machines, photographic guide rails, TV slides Industrial production equipment related to medical devices, high-end furniture and other industries.

Features of synchronous belt linear module,or belt driven linear actuator kit:

  1. Synchronous belt tension adjusting device, automatic cleaning and lubrication system
  2. Motor installation mode: direct connection
  3. Limit sensors at both ends can be added
  4. The slide block is reserved with mounting holes, and different mechanisms can be installed. The number of slide blocks can be selected (single slide block or double slide block)
  5. Output shaft mode optional
  6. It can be equipped with synchronous wheel reduction assembly (it can be connected with side up folding, back folding and down folding)
  7. There are anti-collision rubber blocks on both sides of the module (secondary protection of the slider in case of sensor failure)

Composition of synchronous belt linear module
1. Synchronous belt linear module body
2.Motor (stepping motor, servo motor and corresponding driver)
3.Coupling (both plum blossom coupling and diaphragm coupling)
4. Motor adapter plate (40, 42, 57, 60, 80, 86 stepper motor flange adapter plate, 100W, 200W, 4 can provide 00w, 750W and other servo motor flange adapter plates)
5. Reduction assembly (reduction ratio 1:2, 1:3 available)
6. Structural connections (custom l-plates and T-plates for multi axial connections)
7. Sensor mounting base and sensor piece