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Linear Modules With Toothed Belt Drive Finished for Clients from Thailand

Belt Drive Linear Modules from Tallman Robotics Limited are ready for delivery to Clients from Thailand.

Belt Driven Linear Module

When many people choose to buy a product in their lives, we often focus on the product. In fact, we will not investigate too much about how it is produced, as long as there is no problem with the use of the product!


In fact, this is not the case. Understanding the production process of the product may help us understand the value of the product and use it with more confidence.

As a hot product in the mechanical manufacturing industry, we do not know so much about linear module except that it is a product that can replace manual automation.

Since you want to select this product, use this product and produce this product, it is necessary to understand some simple knowledge about the production of linear modules.

According to the understanding that Jianlu precision automation has been asking questions in the circle of module equipment, what preparations should be made before module installation in production has always been a knowledge blind spot for many people. This knowledge can be easily understood by friends of linear module manufacturers and customers who buy linear module assemblies. We have learned what needs to be done before the installation of linear modules, so that we will not be in a hurry when arranging our work.



The following four points should be prepared before installing linear module or a Belt Driven Linear Module:

  1. Linear module data preparation: specifically including general assembly drawing, component assembly drawing, non-standard customized parts drawing, bill of materials, etc. from this to the end, the integrity and tidiness of drawings and the integrity of process information records must be ensured.
  2. Site preparation: the placement of linear module parts and assembly of components must be carried out in the specified workplaces. The placement of products in a clean site must be clearly planned until the end of the entire order task. All workplaces must be neat, standardized and orderly.
  3. Material preparation: before operation, the assembly materials specified in the linear module assembly process must be in place on time. If some non decisive materials are not in place on time, the operation sequence can be changed according to the actual situation, and then the relevant personnel follow up and urge the return of the missing materials.
  4. Skill preparation: before assembly, operators shall understand the mechanical structure of the product and relevant assembly points, and be familiar with the technical requirements and processes.