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Belt Driven Linear Rail

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Belt Driven Linear Rail, as high quality linear module among our series, here we introduce Belt Driven Linear Rail model by TMB62-CR for clean environment propuse.You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website to check other series or load down e-catalogues for further technical data. 

Belt Driven Linear RailThe working mode of synchronous belt type(Belt Driven Linear Rail) is that the belt is installed on the drive shaft on both sides of the linear module. Here, use the power input shaft to fix the sliding block of the equipment workpiece on the belt. When there is input, drive the belt to move the slider. In general, the linear linear module of synchronous belt is designed to control the looseness of belt movement on one side, so as to facilitate equipment debugging during production.

The linear module of synchronous belt can add rigid guide rails according to different load requirements, so as to improve the rigidity of the straight module. According to different specifications, the load of wire modules is different.
The precision of linear linear module of synchronous belt depends on the belt quality and the machining process in the part, and the power input control will affect the precision.