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Cam Indexer Was Delivered to Indian Clients

A cam indexer is a mechanical device used to convert continuous motion into intermittent or indexed motion. It consists of a cam and a follower mechanism.

Cam Indexer Cam Indexer Cam Indexer

The difference and application between cam indexer and hollow rotating platform: 


Both cam indexer and hollow rotating platform can achieve intermittent motion.

The intermittent mode of moving and stopping is currently a common practice in the automation industry. In the non-standard machinery industry, it is typically used to convert continuously supplied raw materials into walking and stopping modes for production, processing, or installation of materials. This mode is commonly referred to as intermittent motion mechanism.

The most common automatic tools in intermittent motion mode are cam dividers or hollow rotating platforms. The basic principle for selecting a cam indexer is that the motor rotates continuously to promote the continuous movement of the camshaft. The camshaft is converted into the rotation of a single roller on a CNC punch through continuous operation. When each roller rotates to the next roller, it will end for a period of time. This is a cam indexer.

The hollow rotating platform is a new product that can replace the splitter. It is used in various rotating sports situations. This is a beginner product for rotary motion mechanisms. To achieve a balance between the two. The repeated positioning accuracy is very high, ≤ 5 seconds. The motor is easy to equip and has stable load. It can be segmented at any angle using AC servo motors or stepper motors, which not only meets the digital control that cannot be achieved by the splitter, but also comparable to DD motors.

The cam indexer should specify the total number of rollers on the upper side of the NC punch based on your design scheme, number of working positions, stop time, and angle. If we have eight processes, there are eight balls on the upper side of the CNC punching machine. The tugboat moves one roller per week. The indexer also has several main parameters, such as size, installation method, and driving angle.

The hollow rotating platform completes intermittent motion under the reciprocating propulsion of AC servo motors and turntable bearings. This type of movement is mainly accomplished through an electric motor. Most of them cannot be called gap motion mechanisms, but they can also perform intermittent motion functions. If the number of workstations needs to be increased or decreased, most of them will use this type of intermittent motion, such as AC servo motors, direct drive motors, deceleration platforms, etc., because they can basically control the number of jobs and driving angles through motors.

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