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Cartesian Axis Linear Robots Are Under Test For Italian Client

Cartesian Axis Linear Robots,Long Stroke Multi Axis Linear Gantry Robots from Tallman Robotics Limited are under test and will be delivered to Italy.

Since Cartesian Axis Linear Robots,Gantry Robots, have two X axes, namely, the base axis, Y axis and Z axis, the torque load generated by the gantry robot and the working load are analyzed as the force on the X axis. This greatly increases the stiffness of the system, and in most cases allows the axis to have a longer stroke length and higher speed than similar coordinate robots.

When two shafts are parallel, only one of them is usually driven by the motor to prevent instability caused by slight asynchronous movement between the two shafts. Instead of driving two shafts, the motor power is transmitted to the second shaft using a connecting shaft or torque tube. In some cases, the second shaft can be an “idler” or a follower, consisting of a linear guide rail that supports the load without a drive mechanism. The decision whether and how to drive the second axis depends on the distance between the two axes, the acceleration and the stiffness of the connection between them. Driving only one shaft in a pair of shafts also reduces the cost and complexity of the system.

Determining the coordinates or the dimensions of a gantry robot is more complex than determining the dimensions of a SCARA or articulated robot, which usually has three parameters: range, speed, and accuracy. This process has been made easier in the past few years by introducing pre configured systems and online tools. These tools allow the user to specify the direction and size of the shaft, as well as basic stroke, load, and speed parameters. Downloadable CAD files are also standard products provided by coordinate and gantry robot manufacturers, making them easy to integrate into design or work layout, just like SCARA and articulated robots.

Although articulated robots and SCARA robots are easy to identify and coordinate robots are widely deployed, gantry design overcomes their inherent limitations in load, speed, accessibility and repeatability, and has unparalleled customization and flexibility.