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Circular Conveyor Line

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Circular Conveyor Line/Rectangular synchronous belt conveyor system

Features of Rectangular Timing Belt Conveyor System from Tallman Robotics Limited 
Positioning accuracy
Precision machined aluminum alloy chain links have smaller inertia and higher load. Hardened and precision machined steel guide rails have higher hardness and wear resistance, ensuring long-term service life and accuracy. The cam chord is pre tensioned with load, without regression error or accumulated error, and the repeated accuracy can reach ± 0.05mm;
Low maintenance cycle
Equipped with sealed cam follower and deep groove ball bearings, all rolling bearing components are imported brands with reliable and guaranteed quality. The rolling components do not require additional maintenance and do not require frequent adjustment of tension during use. The normal use and maintenance cycle can reach up to one year;
Power configuration
The power system can be configured with a servo motor and a reducer, and can be parked at any position. It can also be driven by a splitter and a variable frequency motor. Aluminum chain link, with lower power demand and shorter indexing response time, up to 120 cycles/minute;


Circular Conveyor Line

Circular Conveyor Line

Circular Conveyor Line Circular Conveyor Line

A circular conveyor line is a type of conveyor system that moves products or materials in a circular motion. It is used in various industries for materials handling applications to transport products between different processes or areas of a factory.

A circular conveyor line typically consists of a circular track that has rollers or belts to move the products. track is usually mounted on a frame, which supports the conveyor and provides stability.

One of the advantages of a circular conveyor line is that it can be used to transport products continuously, which helps to reduce cycle times and increase throughput. It is also useful for handling irregularly shaped objects, as they can be moved around the without getting caught.

Circular conveyor lines are commonly used in food processing, packaging, and material handling industries. They can be set up to move products in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the application and requirements.

Circular Conveyor Line consists of two parts: a curved circular guide rail section and a straight guide rail section. The circular guide rail can be matched in automated production lines, and the roller circular guide rail can achieve rapid movement along the precise circular trajectory, with a speed of up to 3 meters per second. It can also be set to stop at any position accurately. Therefore, the circular guide rail system can be used as a precision circulation assembly line in electronic assembly, food packaging, new energy semiconductors, electrical components, automotive accessories, printing and packaging, lithium batteries, mobile phones Automated assembly lines in fields such as daily chemical products have been widely used.

Circular Conveyor Line is mainly suitable for the scenario of “intermittent stop conveying positioning” of products between various processes in the automated production equipment of small precision component products. It has unique advantages such as no need for secondary repeated positioning, shortened production pace, free selection of moving/stopping distance/pace, optimized equipment design layout, linear module linear layout of production lines, and space saving. Since its launch in the market, it has been widely used in automated production equipment in industries such as automotive parts, electrical switch assembly, 3C consumer electronics, new energy cylindrical lithium batteries, and medical consumables packaging testing.
Tallman Robotics Limited has been committed to the application and promotion of flexible conveyor lines in the field of industrial automation. Compared to belt conveyor lines, the circular guide rail system operates very smoothly and accurately, improving the production efficiency and quality of products. With the increase in labor costs and the improvement of automation level, the application of circular guide rails will be widely applied. We provide ring guide rail application solutions, R&D, production and sales: ring guide rail, ring guide rail conveyor line, ring guide rail Assembly line, ring guide rail assembly line, ring guide rail assembly line, with various kinds of arc guide rail, elliptical guide rail, square guide rail, rectangular guide rail, curved guide rail, etc. If there are application requirements for precision circular guides and circular track systems such as circular tracks, arc tracks, arc tracks, and curve tracks, please communicate with Tallman Robotics to jointly design and match a very suitable circular conveyor line system for automated production and assembly lines.

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