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Compact Ball Screw Linear Actuator

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Compact Ball Screw Linear Actuator is among our guide rail embeded linear modules. Rail embedded screw slide table is a modular product integrating the servo motor and the lead screw, which converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion, and at the same time, converts the best advantages of the servo motor – precise speed control, precise revolution control, precise torque control into precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control, realizing a new revolutionary product of high-precision linear motion series.
Rail embedded lead screw module is a kind of motor driven lead screw rotation, which is converted into linear motion through the nut to realize the round-trip motion, and is used to complete the precision push pull, closing, takeoff and landing control of various equipment.

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Model NoBody Width


Max Payload


Max Stroke




DriveMotor Power




TMTH55430800±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean environment
TMTH882501050±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean environment
TMTH121201101250±0.01/±0.005screw200/400/750Clean environment


Model NoMotor








Ball Screw Rod (C7)Max Load (kgs)Stroke (mm) at

Max speed (mm/s)

 Speed (mm/s) at

Max stroke (mm)



Out dia (mm)Lead (mm)HorizontalVertical





































22310600mm at 100mm/S60mm/S at 800mm854
53010600mm at 250mm/S 150mm/S at 800mm341
10155600mm at 500mm/S 300mm/S at 800mm170
20102.5600mm at 1000mm/S 600mm/S at 800mm85



23010600mm at 100mm/S60mm/S at 800mm170
53010600mm at 250mm/S 150mm/S at 800mm682
10288600mm at 500mm/S 300mm/S at 800mm340
20155600mm at 1000mm/S 600mm/S at 800mm170


23010600mm at 100mm/S60mm/S at 800mm3389
53010600mm at 250mm/S 150mm/S at 800mm1353
103010600mm at 500mm/S 300mm/S at 800mm674
20228600mm at 1000mm/S 600mm/S at 800mm337




































53010750mm at 250mm/S 75mm/S at 1100mm341
10155750mm at 500mm/S150mm/S at 1100mm170
20102.5750mm at 1000mm/S 300mm/S at 1100mm85



55015750mm at 250mm/S 75mm/S at 1100mm682
10308750mm at 500mm/S150mm/S at 1100mm340
20183750mm at 1000mm/S 300mm/S at 1100mm170


55015750mm at 250mm/S 75mm/S at 1100mm1353
104012750mm at 500mm/S150mm/S at 1100mm674
20225750mm at 1000mm/S 300mm/S at 1100mm337





































59527800mm at 250mm/S117mm/S at 1250mm683
107018800mm at 500mm/S233mm/S at 1250mm341
20206800mm at 1000mm/S467mm/S at 1250mm174
3210800mm at 1600mm/S747mm/S at 1250mm108



511033800mm at 250mm/S117mm/S at 1250mm1388
108833800mm at 500mm/S233mm/S at 1250mm694
204010800mm at 1000mm/S467mm/S at 1250mm347
32308800mm at 1600mm/S747mm/S at 1250mm216


511033800mm at 250mm/S117mm/S at 1250mm2100
1011033800mm at 500mm/S233mm/S at 1250mm1050
206016800mm at 1000mm/S467mm/S at 1250mm528
325010800mm at 1600mm/S747mm/S at 1250mm380

Track embedded screw rod module is mainly composed of motor, ball screw rod and track device. The motor includes servo motor and stepping motor. Due to its fully enclosed characteristics, the track embedded screw rod module can meet the needs of various harsh environments. Its main feature is high precision. The stroke, speed and thrust of the lead screw can be controlled with high precision, and its precision difference can be controlled within ± 0.01mm.
The maintenance cost of the rail embedded screw rod module is particularly low. It only needs to check the lubrication system regularly. The whole series can be externally filled with oil without removing the cover, saving time and cost. The body is made of high-strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy material, which can achieve dust-proof sealing and greatly increase the safety of operation.
Installation mode of the track embedded screw rod module is very flexible, and it can connect various accessories. It is compact and convenient to connect with PLC and other control systems to achieve high-precision control. At present, it is widely used in the fields of coordinate manipulator, logistics transmission, automatic deviation correction, parallel experimental platform, medical CT gamma knife, etc.
Common industrial applications:
Entertainment industry: robot arms and joints, dynamic seats, etc
Military industry: simulation aircraft, simulation, etc
Automobile industry: press mounting machine, testing instrument, etc
Industry: food machinery, ceramic machinery, welding machinery, lifting platform, etc