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Compact Ball Screw Linear Modules are highly reliable devices designed for precise and efficient linear motion tasks. These actuators are ideal for applications demanding high positioning accuracy, low vibration, and robust performance across various industries, including medical devices, laboratory automation, and semiconductor systems.

High Performance and Precision of Compact Ball Screw Linear Modules:

Ground Ball Screws: These actuators often feature ground ball screws for applications requiring high positioning accuracy and low vibration, such as optical devices and semiconductor systems with fine-feed pitches
Smooth and Precise Motion: Actuators boast high precision and smooth running, supported by internal spindles and recirculating ball bearing guides protected by stainless steel cover strips.

Compact Ball Screw Linear Modules

Design and Functionality of Compact Ball Screw Linear Modules:

Compact Design: Compact Ball Screw Linear Actuators integrates a stepper motor with a linear ball screw into a compact body, reducing the need for conventional parts and simplifying both installation and maintenance.
Built-in Guide and Anti-Spin Mechanism: Many compact linear actuators come with built-in guides, eliminating the need for external anti-spin mechanisms and further reducing the parts needed for designing applications. This feature enhances the overall compactness and ease of installation.

Robust and Adaptive:

Rigid and Robust Construction: Ball Screw Linear Modules use an integrated linear ball slide and carriage, ensuring superior rigidity and the ability to handle high moment loads with precision and repeatability. These actuators are well-suited for environments that require reliable and continuous performance.
Customizable Motor Configurations: These actuators can be configured with various NEMA motor sizes and types such as NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, and 23, to fit specific application needs.

Versatile Control Options:

Stepper Motor: Using stepper motors, compact ball screw linear actuators provide high positioning precision per step. They can move forward and backward accurately, stopping immediately without vibration (hunting), thus ensuring the stop position is correct.
Integration with Controllers: Built-in controllers offer easy networking and simplified multi-axis control. For example, TRIO Universal Controller can interface with pulse input drivers via serial communications, enhancing the versatility of the actuator in a range of applications.

Adaptability and Application Examples:

These actuators find extensive applications in medical devices, laboratory automation, electronic assembly equipment, and areas requiring reliable and precise motion control.
Overall, compact ball screw linear actuators present a robust solution for high-precision linear motion, offering a compact design, versatile control options, and high-performance components to meet the demanding needs of modern engineering and automation tasks.

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