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A compact electric gripper is a robot end-effector that is used for gripping or handling small objects in different manufacturing processes, such as machining, assembly, packaging, and material handling. It is called “compact” because it is designed to be small in size, which makes it space-efficient and ideal for use in narrow workspaces or environments with limited accessibility. The gripper is controlled by an electric motor that allows for precise and reliable operation, and it can be customized with various gripper fingers or tooling to accommodate different shapes, sizes, and types of objects.

New Era of “Electric ReplaceS Pneumatic” and New Transformation of “manufacturing”

Simpler wiring
The same wiring mode with pneumatic cylinder which can be replaced directly to improve productivity

Simpler model selection
Highly integrated, no additional configuration required

Teaching is simpler
It can set any position point to realize multi-point and uniform movement

Longer service life
Low energy consumption, low downtime and high utilization

Lower maintenance costs
Compact and simple structure, low difficulty in fault detection

The use environment
is quiet and environmentally friendly Servo/stepper motor drive, no gas noise

Better performance
High control accuracy, stable operation, and low rate of defective products

TM-EGB Compact mini Electric Gripper No debugging, plug and play

To Replace Pneumatic cylinder finger:TM-EGB internal integrated servo system, Perfect replacement of air compressor+filter+solenoid valve+throttle valve

Compact Electric Gripper Compact Electric Gripper


                                                    TM-EGB parameter description
Stroke(mm) 6
Max clamping force(N) 40
Max fast opening / closing time(s) 0.3 / 0.3
Positioning  repeatability(mm) ±0.02
Allowable static moment  (N.m) MR:1.36,MP:0.8,MY:0.68
Gripper weight(kg) 0.22
Rated voltage(V) DC24±10%
Rated current(A) 0.4
Peak current(A) 0.8
Application environment 0 ~ 40℃,85%RH 以下
IP rating IP40


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