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Cross Roller Guides /Cross Roller SLIDE WAY consists of a set of four rails, two R-retainers, and eight end pieces. In this series, there are also V types, VF types,VR types, VS types. 

V1-30-722V2-45-8 24V3-75-1048V4-120-1182
V1-40-1027V2-60-1130V3-100-14 58V4-160-15106
V6-550-38 336VNB6-550-38 336V9-1100-55658  

Cross Roller Guides from Tallman Robotics Limited  have models and unique features as follows:

The V type cross roller guide rail is composed of a precision ground track and an R retainer (made of resin) with a built-in round nail roller. In order to ensure smooth rotation of the roller with round nails, the most suitable design was made for the track. In addition, the R retainer with round nails can prevent the body between the track and the rolling element from slipping, making it suitable for use in difficult to control lifting and fast-paced movements of cross roller guides.
Best for fine tuning
Due to the extremely small frictional resistance, there is almost no difference between the starting frictional resistance and the dynamic frictional resistance. Even with fine adjustments, it can accurately follow and achieve high-precision linear motion devices.
Low speed stability
Even under light loads, the variation in frictional resistance is minimal, and can operate stably at low or even high speeds.
High rigidity ・ High load capacity
Compared to steel balls, rollers have a larger contact area, less elastic deformation, and are non cyclic. They have a larger number of effective rolling elements and high rigidity and high load capacity.
In addition, the new track design of the V-type increases the contact length between the roller and the track surface by 30-58% compared to the SV type;
Secondly, by shortening the pitch between the rollers and increasing the number of rollers, the rated load can be increased to 1.3-2.5 times.
Low noise
The cross roller guide rail eliminates the noise emitted by the self circulation part, and due to the use of a retainer, there is no contact noise between the rolling elements, which can achieve silent operation.
All stainless steel
The VS type components of the corrosion-resistant cross roller guide rail are all made of stainless steel material, which is most suitable for use in clean rooms, etc.
V type round nail roller anti slip system (round nail roller anti slip structure)
The new concept of the system realizes the addition of anti slip function between the roller and the track guiding it, preventing the roller from slipping during operation. Therefore, it can be used in any state.


Cross roller guides refer to a type of linear motion guide that utilizes crossed cylindrical rollers to provide high rigidity and precision in linear motion applications. These guides are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, robotics, and automation.

The design of cross roller guides incorporates two sets of crossed rollers that are orthogonally arranged, allowing for smooth and precise motion in multiple directions. The crossed roller configuration helps to distribute the load evenly, making them suitable for applications that require high load capacity and high accuracy.

Cross roller guides offer several advantages over other types of linear motion guides. They have a compact design, allowing for space-saving installation in tight spaces. They also provide excellent stiffness and rigidity, ensuring minimal deflection and vibration during motion. This makes them ideal for applications that require precise positioning and high repeatability.

Additionally, cross roller guides have a low friction coefficient, resulting in smooth and quiet operation. They also highly resistant to wear and have a long service life, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.

When choosing cross roller guides, it is important to consider factors such as load capacity, accuracy, speed, and environmental conditions. They are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different application requirements.

Overall, cross roller guides are a popular choice in applications that demand high precision, repeatability, and durability in linear motion systems.

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