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Cross Roller Linear Guides/VW slide way consists of two SV-type rails, one W type rail, two R type roller cages, and eight end pieces.


Cross Roller Linear Guides

Cross Roller Linear Guides are finite stroke linear guides with precision rollers arranged alternately and orthogonally. This product can provide rigid and flexible linear motion, especially suitable for linear guidance in situations where high rigidity and flexible motion are required.

Precautions for disassembly and assembly of Cross Roller Linear Guides:
As a component that is easy to wear and needs frequent maintenance, the cross roller guide rail needs frequent disassembly and cleaning. It is more basic for a qualified equipment maintenance personnel to master the correct assembly method and precautions of the cross roller guide rail.

Before disassembling Cross Roller Linear Guides, the entire cross roller guide rail should be cleaned to prevent the metal particles on the cross roller guide rail from entering the interior during disassembly. If metal particles enter the interior, it will increase the difficulty of disassembly and even damage the cross roller guide rail in severe cases.
After disassembling the Cross Roller Linear Guides, clean the lubricating oil thoroughly. Do not use old lubricating oil. After cleaning, carefully inspect each ball, raceway, and cage for wear, cracks, corrosion, and other damage. If any damage is found, replace or discard it in a timely manner.

After replacing the damaged part, assembly should be carried out. The cross roller guide rail is composed of rollers, raceways, and cages, with a relatively precise fit. Therefore, during assembly, an average force must be applied to the end face, which means using tools such as sleeves to strike to ensure that the force is evenly distributed and the ring is installed. However, it is also important to not exert too much force to avoid damaging the ball and cage. Before assembly, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be applied to facilitate assembly.

Special attention should be paid to some cross roller guides that have good self sealing performance and large fitting tolerances. In this case, cold assembly cannot be used and can only be assembled after heating. It is recommended to use an oil bath or electric coil for heating, so that the heating is more uniform. The heated cross roller guide rail ferrule can be easily assembled.

Please note that the heated cross roller guide rail cannot be cooled with water, as it will change its mechanical properties and must be naturally cooled.

After the assembly of the cross roller guide rail, lubricating oil should be injected from the oil filling port, and it should be rotated by hand several times without any obstruction before installation.

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