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Crossed Roller Slide Tables VT series from Tallman Robotics Limited have following types:

VT by general type, VTF by black fast type, VTR by Raydent treated type, VTS by Stainless steel type as shown below. 


Crossed roller slide tables are precision mechanical devices used for linear motion applications where high accuracy and stiffness are required. They consist of a stationary base and a moving carriage that is mounted on a set of crossed roller bearings. The bearings are arranged in a criss-cross pattern, which allows the table to handle both axial and radial loads while maintaining high stiffness and accuracy.

The carriage is driven either by a lead screw or a linear motor, and the table may be equipped with position sensors for closed-loop feedback control. Crossed roller slide tables are commonly used in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, optical inspection, and precision machining.

One advantage of crossed roller slide tables is their high level of precision and repeatability. They are capable of sub-micron positioning accuracy and can maintain their position even under heavy loads. They also have low friction and high rigidity, which allows them to maintain their accuracy over long periods of use.

However, crossed roller slide tables can be relatively expensive compared to other types of linear motion devices, and they may require more maintenance to keep them clean and lubricated. Additionally, they may not be suitable for applications that require high-speed motion, as they are typically designed for slow and precise movement.

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