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-196°C-+200°C Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers

  • Standardized design 42, 60, 90, and 120,  customized for options
  • Working environment temperature -196 ℃ to+200 ℃
  • Applicable vacuum degree

-196℃-+200℃ Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers


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Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers are special type of gear reducers designed to operate in extremely low temperature environments. It combines advanced cryogenic technology with the principles of planetary gears to achieve efficient power transmission and reduction. 

Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers from Tallman Robotics Limited can work well in temperature -196℃-+200℃.

This Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducer is typically used in applications that require operating in cryogenic conditions, such as in aerospace, scientific research, or industrial fields. The cryogenic environment may involve temperatures as low as -196°C or even lower. 

Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers

The key features of the Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers include:
1. Special materials: It employs high-strength materials that can withstand the extreme cold without undergoing significant deformation or failure.
2. Insulation and sealing: Excellent insulation and sealing mechanisms are incorporated to prevent heat leakage and ensure the integrity of the cryogenic system.
3. Precision gears: The planetary gear design provides precise gear alignment and transmission, allowing for efficient power reduction with minimal power loss.
4. Lubrication: Special lubricants are used to ensure smooth operation and reduce friction in the cryogenic environment.
5. Robust construction: It is built to withstand the rigors of cryogenic conditions, including temperature fluctuations and exposure to low temperatures.

Overall, Cryogenic Planetary Gear Reducers play a critical role in enabling machinery and systems to function reliably and efficiently in extreme low-temperature environments, where conventional gear reducers may not be suitable. Its advanced design and materials make it an essential component in various cryogenic applications.

Cryogenic Planetary Reducers -196℃-+200℃

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