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F series Cycloidal Reducers represent a wide range precision reduction gears with flange shaped case. F series high precision reduction gears consist of an accurate reduction mechanism and high-capacity radial and axial cylindrical bearings. This design of gears allows the mounting of the load directly to the output flange or case without requigears are characterized by a modular design, It can be directly connected to any servo brand motor.

The flange output type RV reducer has performance characteristics such as ultra-thin, high-precision, lightweight, high rigidity, overload resistance, and customizability. The H mechanism and small tooth difference internal meshing reduction mechanism can achieve lower output speed and transmit larger output torque.

Advantages of high precision Cycloidal Reducers:

1. It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, stable operation, low noise, compact structure, light weight, small size, reliable use, long service life, and a wide range of reduction ratios.
2. Lightweight streamlined design, steel body, lightweight and short model, significantly reduced volume compared to traditional planetary reducers, and can save installation space.
3. True circular tooth shape, large tooth belly, strong compression resistance, non-interference and non collapsing teeth, capable of withstanding frequent positive and negative impacts, as well as instant emergency stop inertial impacts.
4. Double row structure, load dispersion, balanced mechanism, circular gear design, low wear, lower noise and temperature rise compared to other reducers.
5. Linear contact transmission, with low friction coefficient, high efficiency, high output torque, and low inertia, is a precise rigid transmission. The rigid transmission trajectory is also closest to the ideal working curve, which is slightly different from the cycloidal or harmonic transmission design of some components using rolling elements.
6. Due to the double conjugate working curve and the improved design of the Flexible shaft pin output device, the high-precision backlash of the machine can be controlled in the arc second range.
7. Long term grease lubrication, no maintenance required, and unrestricted installation direction.
8. There are options for manual labor, such as tube clamping and keyway.

Cycloidal Reducers Cycloidal Reducers


Cycloidal Reducers

This new transmission concept allows the use of the TALLMAN Cycloidal Reducers directly in robot joints, rotary tables, and wheel gears in various transport systems.TALLMAN high precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high kinematic accuracy, low lost motion, high moment capacity and high stiffness of a compact design with a limited installation zone,and low mass.

The basic parts of TALLMAN Cycloidal Reducers are show below: 
At the same time incorporates the high capacity, precision radial, axial output bearing integrated in the reduction gear.
Input and out put flanges are fixed together by pin shafts, and rotate at reduced speed in the radial-axial output bearing relative to the case.
Input shaft
High-speed member of the reduction mechanism carried by bearing in the flanges. The shaft eccentrics rotationally support the trochoidal gears via bearings.
Trochoidal gears
Their almost 50% simultaneously meshing trochoidal teeth transmits a very high torque which ensures powerful and ensure the performance and accuracy of the reduction gear.

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