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R series Cycloidal Speed Reducer is Right Angle Planetary Circular Gear Cycloid Reducer, a high-precision gearbox in an integrated form, fully sealed and filled with lubricating grease.R series Cycloidal Speed Reducer includes precise reduction mechanisms and radial and axial roller bearings.

R series Cycloidal Speed Reducer is a high-precision reducer with flanges, with a wide range of applications. R series high-precision reducer includes a precise reduction mechanism and radial axial roller bearings. The unique design of the gearbox allows the load to directly act on the output flange or housing without the need for additional bearings.

The characteristic of the R series high-precision reducer is that the input and output angles are 90 degrees, which can greatly save installation space. The modular design allows for the installation of motors and reducers through flanges.


Cycloidal Speed Reducer Cycloidal Speed Reducer

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