Differences Between Belt Slide and Screw Slide Table

Screw Slide table, Ball screw transmission system is that the motor drives the ball screw to operate according to the coupling or synchronous pulley, so as to promote the sliding block fixed on the linear slide rail to move back and forth, left and right. The ball screw has the characteristics of high precision, low friction, high stiffness and strong load working capacity. But complete accurate positioning. In terms of speed, it depends on the speed of the motor and the size of the lead screw. The larger the lead of the lead screw, the greater the moving speed of the slider of the single axis manipulator at the same motor output rate.

Synchronous belt sliding table transmission system is controlled by the motor. The rotating shaft of the synchronous belt operates, so that the belt pushes the slider on the linear slide rail to move back and forth, left and right. The synchronous belt pulley has the characteristics of low noise, faster moving speed and low cost. In terms of speed, it is usually possible to achieve a higher speed than the ball screw. In addition, the belt slide has no limit on the critical state rate, so it has more cost performance in long-distance transmission.

Screw slide table is better than the belt drive table when walking on the steel line under the actual use conditions. However, in the electronic industry, the screw has insufficient advantages in its mechanical structure with a stroke of more than 1.5m.

The following aspects shall be taken into account when designing the mechanical sliding table with x-axis and y-axis movement of the belt sliding table:

1.Weight and size, that is, the structural size and speed of the two main and auxiliary modules considering the stiffness, that is, the movement speed of the two main and auxiliary modules.

2.Safe and reliable reliability, economic development and practicability.

3.For the accuracy grade of the two main and auxiliary modules, the repetition accuracy and positioning mode shall also be considered for manual operation, and the large bearing load or clamping force climbing weight of the actuator of the auxiliary module.

4.The belt slide is in the transmission system mode, that is, what power source and transmission mechanism and control mode are used, such as electric control, pneumatic control, etc.

Belt slide table and screw slide table are the two most common classifications in the slide family. As automatic transmission system components with high precision, high load, high speed, simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance, they have excellent cost performance, so they are basically used in all walks of life. However, there are many differences between belt slide and screw slide, and accurately grasping the differences between them can help customers choose more suitable products to consider their production needs.

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