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Dustproof Linear Actuator

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Dustproof Linear Actuator is one of our synchronous belt linear modules with organ dust cover, and is used in a particularly harsh environment. The organ cover with a dust-proof and chip proof structure is designed on the basis of the fully closed linear module, so that the falling dust or debris will not fall into the sliding table body and thus affect the operation.

Organ cover module or Dustproof Linear Actuator is a highly efficient and dust-proof linear module. The organ cover uses the guide rail inverted groove design method. When used in the vertical direction or upside down, the organ cover of Dustproof Linear Actuator will not fall down. The organ cover is suitable for long stroke linear module, with good dustproof performance and certain local waterproof, but it is not suitable for high temperature processing environment.

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Dustproof Linear ActuatorDustproof Linear Actuator