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Dustproof Linear Guides are Finished for Australian Client

Dustproof Linear Guides will be delivered to Australian Client.

Working principle and function of ball screw module slide:

1、 Working principle
The lead screw linear module is composed of ball screw, aluminum profile, ball screw pair, linear guide rail, photoelectric switch, coupling, servo motor and other main components. The ball principle of the lead screw linear module is that the motor drives the coupling to drive the ball screw to rotate. When cooperating with the ball bearing at the bottom of the linear module, the screw can stay in place, the whole rotation process is the same. In the process of transforming the rotating motion into the linear reciprocating motion of the linear module, cycle after cycle, which is a process for the linear module to complete the whole function.

2、 Function of products
(1) The lead of the lead screw linear module is small, which can give full play to the thrust of the servo motor. Generally, the smaller the lead screw linear module, the greater the thrust. It is generally used in industries with large stress and load. If the z-axis is used, it is generally screw drive type, and a few with low precision requirements will use rack or synchronous belt drive.
(2) Another advantage of the lead screw linear module is that its accuracy is higher than other transmission modes. The general lead screw linear module has a repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.01 – ± 0.02mm, which is made according to the actual requirements of customers.

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