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Electric Ball Screw Linear Actuators are a type of linear motion device that convert rotational motion from an electric motor into precise linear motion.

The key components of Electric Ball Screw Linear Actuator are:

Electric Motor – Provides the rotational force to drive the system.

Ball Screw – A precision lead screw with ball bearings that efficiently convert the rotational motion into linear motion.

Nut – Rides along the ball screw, converting the rotational motion to linear displacement.

Linear Guide System – Constrains the linear motion to a straight path, providing support and alignment.

Ball Screw Driven Actuators are commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, CNC machines, medical equipment, and other applications requiring precise linear motion. Key factors in selecting the right actuator include required force, stroke length, speed, and environmental conditions. Proper maintenance, such as regular lubrication, is important to ensure long service life and reliable performance.

Ball Screw Driven Actuators

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