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Electric Belt Driven Linear Actuators

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Electric Belt Driven Linear Actuators from Tallman Robotics include semi-closed type and fully-closed type.here we introduce TMB170-CR to you. You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website to check other series or load down e-catalogues for further technical data. 

Electric Belt Driven Linear ActuatorsThe structure of Electric Belt Driven Linear Actuators is usually an aluminum extrusion, which is equipped with a linear guide rail and is driven by a belt or a ball screw. Belt driven actuators are useful for long stroke applications where the stroke may exceed 10m. Install various motors according to the application.
Actuators, commonly referred to as linear actuators, convert rotary motion from the motor into linear motion for different applications based on force, speed, load capacity, frictional resistance and other factors. The actuator transmits the speed and torque provided by the motor to various drive mechanisms
The electric driver controls the motor. It produces changes in rotational speed and torque, which in turn changes the speed and force generated by linear actuators. These changes are essential to adapt the actuator to different applications. Feedback mechanism, usually in the form of encoder or parser, provides the driver with position information to manipulate the actuator to the command position. The drive can then be programmed to move, stop, or return to its resting or original position.