Electric Cylinder Actuators Are Under Assembly for Clients from Singapore

Electric cylinder actuators are electromechanical devices designed to provide a controlled linear motion force and movement through an electric motor.

Electric Cylinder Actuators Electric Cylinder Actuators Electric Cylinder Actuators

What is the function of the internal components of Electric Cylinder Actuators?

Servo electric cylinder is a common industrial equipment widely used in automated production lines, mechanical processing and other fields. This article will focus on the internal components of Electric Cylinder Actuators and provide a detailed analysis of the roles and functions of each component.
Servo cylinder block
The servo cylinder body serves as the outer shell of Electric Cylinder Actuators, protecting internal components. At the same time, the shell also needs to have certain structural stiffness and sealing performance to ensure the reliable operation of the servo cylinder. The servo cylinder body is generally made of high rigidity materials such as aluminum alloy, iron, and stainless steel.
Motor and reducer
The motor is the power source that drives the movement of Electric Cylinder Actuators, which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the movement of the cylinder body. By receiving feedback signals from sensors, we can adjust the output of the motor in real time to achieve precise control. The reducer plays a role in reducing speed and increasing output torque, allowing the motor to better adapt to the working requirements of different working conditions.
Couplings and belts, gears
Couplings, belts, and gears are used to connect the motor to Electric Cylinder Actuators body, achieving the transmission of power and motion. Couplings can effectively eliminate vibrations and impacts caused by concentricity errors, improving the smoothness and accuracy of servo cylinder motion. The belt and gear are required for the reciprocating servo cylinder, and the motor drives the movement of the servo cylinder by controlling the movement of the belt and gear.
Sensors and encoders
Sensors are an important component of Electric Cylinder Actuators, used to detect the position, speed, force and other parameters of servo cylinders, and transmit signals to the control system. According to different application requirements, sensors can adopt different principles such as photoelectric, electromagnetic induction, and pressure sensing. Used to provide feedback on the position and speed information of the actuator to achieve closed-loop control and ensure precise motion control of the servo cylinder.

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