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Electric Grippers For Industrial Automation

What are the hands of industrial robots and what are their general characteristics of Electric Grippers For Industrial Automation.
Introduction: industrial robot is a kind of machine equipment commonly used in manufacturing industry, which is usually composed of mechanical system, control system and drive system, among which the mechanical system is composed of base, arm Wrist and end effector are composed of these parts, and the so-called end effector is the hand of industrial robot. This paper will introduce the relevant contents with the hands of industrial robots.

Industrial robots are like versatile multifunctional technicians who move objects or tools through variable movements to complete a variety of tasks. Communication with other machines and sensory input
The ability to respond is its important attribute, and these functions can make it more general in nature. It involves the coordinated control of multiple shafts, and uses a special digital computer as the controller.
Because they can complete dangerous or repetitive work by writing programs, industrial robots are gradually used in various industries. In the application of various industries, it can be operated by hand
A tool in the process of execution or an artifact in the process of execution. Next, we will briefly introduce the hands of industrial robots and their characteristics.

Electric Grippers For Industrial Automation

What is the hand of an industrial robot?
The hand of an industrial robot is a component installed on the wrist of the robot. Most of the work to be completed is done through the hand. It is usually used to grasp objects or operate tools according to the rules
Set the action program to complete the specified work, and its grasping and loosening actions are all automatically completed.
Human hands are multi finger hands with many joints, which can complete many complex tasks, such as making objects, using tools and making all kinds of gestures. In the hand design of industrial robots
Due to the limitations of mechanism and control system, it is difficult to design a general device such as human hand; In addition, the working requirements of industrial robots are limited to most workplaces, so their hands
The design of is mainly designed for the specified working object.
Its hand(Electric Grippers For Industrial Automation) can have fingers like a human hand, or it can be a hand without fingers; It can be similar to human claws, or it can be a tool for professional work, such as the hand used by the stacking robot
To grab and move boxes, these hands are usually pneumatic fixtures or vacuum suction cup systems. Of course, not all jobs require robots to grab objects. In welding, the wrist of robots
A welding gun will be installed as a hand, and a suitable hand can enable the robot to better complete the welding work.

Characteristics of industrial robot hand(Electric Grippers For Industrial Automation):

1. There are various hand forms: with the development of technology, its hand has appeared in various forms, usually including clamp type, adsorption type or special and general hand, such as clamp type, which is a relatively common hand
Part form, similar to human claws, is usually used in assembly work; Adsorption hand, which relies on the adsorption force to grasp objects, is suitable for fragile objects; Dedicated, it is a kind of professional work
Tools, such as welding gun, painting gun, etc; Universal, which is similar to human hands. It has two or five fingers and can complete more complex operations.
2. It can be replaced: there is a mechanical interface between the hand and wrist, and the structure of the hand will be slightly different according to different grasping objects. Usually, an industrial robot will be equipped with multiple hands
Therefore, when the grasping object changes, the hand can be disassembled and replaced.
Poor versatility: its hand is usually a special device. A hand can only be used to grasp one or more objects that are similar in size, weight, shape and so on. A tool also
3. It can only be used for one task, so the versatility of its hand is not very good.
Browsing the above articles, we can learn that the hand of an industrial robot is a device, which is mainly installed on the wrist of the robot and has the function of simulating the action of a human hand. Every industrial robot needs hands. Without hands, industrial robots can’t play their roles. Pay attention to us and learn more about industrial robot hands.