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Grippers With Soft Force/Soft Force Electric Grippers from  Tallman Robotics Limited, can also named as Soft Force Control Electric Grippers. 

SoftForce High Precision force control system can Provide cost-effective flexible precision force control solutions in polishing, press fitting, testing and other fields.

let’s roughly go through Grippers With Soft Force or Soft Force Control Electric Grippers as follows: 

Model No.ItemsFeaturesPhotos for reference
TM-MGBD-FTwo Finger Electric Gripper

with Soft Force Control

Parallel opening and closing

High speed light load

Minimum size series

TM-GB-FServo Electric Gripper

with Soft Force Control

Parallel opening and closing

Power off self-locking

Rigid high load

Micro size series

Soft Force Electric Grippers
TM-SLA-FLinear Actuator

with Soft Force Control

Minimum size series

High precision,

high-order smooth motion

Soft Force Electric Grippers
TM-RLA-FLinear Foldback Actuator

with Soft Force Control

Soft Force Electric Grippers
TM-PLA-FPlatform Electric Gripper

with Soft Force Control

Micro size series

Stable operation under high load

High precision, high-order smooth motion

Soft Force Electric Grippers
TM-RPLA-FPlatform Foldback Electric Gripper

with Soft Force Control

Soft Force Electric Grippers
TM-WRPLA-FWide Platform Actuator

with Soft Force Control

Micro size series

Stable operation under high load

Use cross roller guide

High precision, high-order smooth motion

Soft Force Electric Grippers
TM-ASLD-FMini Slide with

Soft Force Control

Minimum size series

High order smooth motion

Micron positioning accuracy

High load, high speed and stable operation

TM-SLD-FLinear Slide

with Soft Force Control

High load, high speed and stable operation

High precision, high-order smooth motion

TM-RSLD-FLinear Foldback Slide

with Soft Force Control

What is softforce precision force control?

Softforce precision force control is a flexible micro force precision control technology independently developed by TM robot. It can give TM electric claw as sensitive as human touch.It is mainly used in flexible machining. When the external force of TM clamping jaw exceeds the preset value, TM clamping jaw will immediately become flexible to protect the workpiece from damage.

Function of Precision Force Control
Flexible force control
During operation, when the force received by TM electric claw is greater than the preset, it will immediately become flexible, adaptively absorb and mitigate the impact force of collision, so as to protect the workpiece to the greatest extent.
Force perception (0.1N resolution)

TM electric claw uses softforce ™ Precision force control technology can overcome its own force influence. With TM software platform, users can instantly monitor the external force changes of TM electric claw (0.1N resolution).

Constant force control
In the processes of polishing, spraying and press fitting, the powerful force sensing function can make the TM electric claw stably maintain a force output and effectively improve the processing quality.

Low cost input
Just install the TM electric claw on the end execution part of the industrial robot, the strength control scheme of the robot can be realized, and the investment cost can be saved greatly.

Easy to use
You can accurately control the output force of TM electric claw by typing the output value. For example, if you require a constant output of 3.1n force, you just need to type “3.1”!

Support a variety of electric gripper models
Softforce–The precision force control function supports the selection of a variety of TM electric claw models to improve the accuracy of the force control function.
• Flexible and precise control of small force below 1n
The optional softforce precision force control can help you realize the flexible precision control scheme with small force below 1n. Let your robot have the ability to adaptively absorb and mitigate the impact of collision.
• Fast approach, flexible push
You can freely control the speed curve of RM electric cylinder. Approaching at high speed can reduce the working cycle of the robot, and flexible pushing can improve the working quality of the robot. The combination of the two can effectively improve the working efficiency of the robot.
• 0.1N resolution
Softforce precision force control has a resolution of 0.1N. You can choose higher precision configuration according to your actual needs.
• Suitable for a variety of flexible applications
Using softforce precision force control technology, you can use high-precision force control scheme at low cost. The products are suitable for polishing, electronic circuit, laboratory, biomechanics and other fields.

Grippers With Soft Force from Tallman Robot are Widely used in industrial automation industry:

a. Electronic manufacturing enterprises such as mobile phones, televisions and household appliances;
b. Automobile / auto parts manufacturing enterprises;
c. Medical equipment manufacturing enterprises;
d. Factory automation and complete equipment suppliers;
f. Non standard automation equipment in various industries
g. Industrial robot integration field.

5 Reasons Why Electric Grippers With Soft Force Are Taking Over The Manufacturing Industry

Electric grippers have many advantages over their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts. They are known for their versatility and precision and are now being increasingly used in the manufacturing industry.

There are many reasons for this shift, but the five main ones are listed below.

1. Electric grippers are more versatile than hydraulic or pneumatic grippers.

2. Electric grippers with soft force are gentle and precise

3. Electric grippers are easier to maintain

4. Electric grippers are becoming more affordable

1. Versatility: Electric grippers are more versatile than their hydraulic and pneumatic counterparts.

They are able to manipulate a wide range of objects with precision and accuracy, from delicate components to heavy parts. Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic grippers, electric grippers can employ multiple gripping strategies and adjust the gripping pressure according to the task at hand. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications and can be used to facilitate complex manufacturing processes. Electric grippers also offer a variety of gripping motions, including linear and rotational, as well as other specialized motions, such as “v” type and ESS type. By providing a range of sizes, stroke length, and payload capacity, they can be tailored to fit different design requirements and workpieces. This flexibility in design makes them a more suitable choice for a variety of manufacturing needs.

2. Electric Grippers with Soft Force are Gentle and Precise:

Electric grippers with soft force are particularly useful for tasks that require a gentle, precise touch. These grippers have a unique design that allows the user to control the gripping force by applying a specific amount of torque to the armatures. This precision-based gripping method ensures that delicate objects are handled delicately, reducing their chances of getting damaged. These electric grippers also feature an internal clutch that adjusts the gripping force on its own, allowing the user to switch from full to gentle gripping with minimal effort. This feature makes them ideal for applications that involve sensing, testing, and assembling fragile components such as circuit boards, medical products, and components of electronic devices. Moreover, they also provide better accuracy, controllability, and repeatability than other grippers, making them a successful choice for complex manufacturing needs.

3. Electric Grippers are Easier to Maintain:

Electric grippers are relatively easy to maintain since they don’t require large amounts of lubrication or replacement parts. This makes them more cost effective in the long run as compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems which need regular maintenance. Moreover, electric grippers don’t produce any hazardous exhaust or loud noise which can be damaging to humans and the environment. This makes them an ideal choice for companies that need to adhere to health and safety regulations. Electric grippers are very lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to transport and handle. This is especially useful for assembly line tasks that involve moving the loading arm or robot around the workspace. Furthermore, electric grippers have no limits on the size of the load, making them the perfect tool for applications that require repetitive and heavy-duty parts handling.

4. Electric Grippers are Becoming More Affordable:

Electric grippers have become more affordable due to the rapidly improving technology and advancements in robotic automation. This means manufacturers can benefit from their enhanced efficiency and performance at comparatively lower costs. Furthermore, the cost of implementation and training costs have drastically decreased, making them a more feasible choice for smaller companies. The rising competition among manufacturers is also resulting in the introduction of more competitively priced electric gripper varieties, making them accessible to companies with any budget. Electric grippers are also widely available on the market, meaning it is easier for companies to find a model which suits their specific needs.


Electric grippers have come a long way and are now the preferred gripper solution for many industries. This is down to the many advantages they offer over hydraulic and pneumatic grippers, including their versatility, precision, gentleness, ease of maintenance and affordability. Companies that are looking for a robust and precision-based gripper solution should consider electric grippers as an option.

You are welcome to visit our website to check soft force electric grippers technical parameters or e-mail us for further information.