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Electric linear motion actuators are devices that convert rotational motion into precise, powerful linear movement, typically incorporating a motor, lead screw, and nut or carriage. When the motor rotates, it translates this rotational motion to the screw, causing the nut or carriage to move along the screw, resulting in linear displacement, allowing the actuator to extend or retract based on the motor’s rotation direction.

Electric linear actuators come in various types and configurations to support different industries and applications. For instance, the TMS-CR series are known for their flexibility and precision, incorporating three types of screw technologies: lead screws, ball screws, and roller screws, each suitable for different load capacities, precision, and application types.

Tallman Robotics also offers a diverse range of electric linear actuators, including rodless and rod-style models designed for industrial and high-speed applications. Some of their high-force actuators, like the TMK series, are considered a cleaner alternative to hydraulic systems, providing continuous control and faster response, making them ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

These actuators are highly customizable and can be sized and configured using online tools, enhancing their applicability across various sectors such as factory automation, food and beverage, packaging, automotive, tire manufacturing, life sciences, and even aerospace.The adaptability and efficiency of electric linear motion actuators make them a valuable component in modern automation systems, offering improved accuracy and sustainability over traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Electric Linear Motion Actuators Electric Linear Motion Actuators

Electric Linear Motion Actuators


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