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Electric Linear Slide Actuator

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Electric Linear Slide Actuator refers to sliding belt or screw linear actuator to realize the conversion process from rotation to linear motion;Electric Linear Slide Actuator is an ideal choice for applications that can meet the requirements of precise positioning, fast response and long life. Here we introduce our TMB135-CR for your cases. You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or visit our website to check other series or load down e-catalogues for further technical data. 

Electric Linear Slide Actuator

A single motor is a rotary actuator. When there is current in the conventional servo motor, the motor rotates. The direct drive rotary actuator is formed by directly connecting the motor to the load. Many rotary actuators are combined with mechanical devices to form a mechanical lever structure, which helps to reduce the degree of rotation and improve the torque. If the component ultimately performs rotational motion, it also belongs to a rotary actuator.
On the other hand, the rotary motion can also be converted into reciprocating motion by connecting the rotary actuator to the mechanical device, and then it becomes an Electric Linear Slide Actuator.
Belt and pulley, gear box, ball and lead screw, rack and pinion, etc. All these mechanisms can convert energy in some way. Belt and pulley can be used to convert the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion. Gearbox can convert rotary motion into linear motion by combining it with a mechanical device. Ball screw and roller screw are usually used to convert the rotary motion of servo motor into precise linear motion.