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Electric Robot Grippers plus Precision Soft Force Used on 3C Electronic Production Lines

Electric Robot Grippers plus Precision Soft Force Used on 3C Electronic Production Lines accelerate productivity.


On 3C electronic production line, the pressing of coaxial line terminals mainly depends on manual operation, which is difficult to achieve full automation.

Tallman Robotics Limited adopts the leading softforce precision force control technology in Electric Robot Gripper, and this solves this process problem well.

Micro force flexible clamping terminal, ultra-high algorithm efficiency, automatic fast and accurate positioning, adaptive precision force control press fitting. It only takes 6 seconds to complete the working condition with TM Electric Robot Grippers plus Precision Soft Force Control.

Super high processing frequency of 10000Hz, real-time force feedback, force control accuracy of ± 0.01N, smooth and stable action, space saving, and perfect process automation.

Intelligent Electric Grippers( Electric Robot Gripper) from Tallman Robotics Have Series as follows: 

Soft Force Servo Electric Grippers

Soft Force Electric Grippers

Integrated Rotating Electric Grippers

Integrated Rotary Electric Grippers

Integrated Three Finger Electric Grippers

Integrated Long Stroke Servo Electric Grippers

Integraged Rotary Clamping Grippers

Integrated Servo Grippers

Integrated Two Finger Grippers

Rotating Electric Grippers

Three Finger Electric Grippers

Rotary Electric Electric Grippers

Long Stroke Electric Grippers

Parallel Electric Grippers

Two Finger Electric Grippers

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