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“IPEX Terminal Precision Force Control Press Fitting” Amazed The Public, And The Industry Engineers Called It “Awesome”

From August 15 to 18, the four-day Shenzhen ites international industrial exhibition was successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The booth of Tallman Robotics was bustling, and customers came to inquire Force Control Electric Grippers in an endless stream. The booth was packed with people. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects,applications,or other products.

Let’s review the brilliant performance of Tallman Robotics Limited.

01: SoftForce ® Precision force control is upgraded again
At this exhibition, TM announced its core motion control technology softforce ® Precision force control was upgraded again, further upgraded from version 2.0 to softforce ® Precision force control 3.0. The processing frequency of the algorithm is increased from the original 4000Hz to the highest 10000hz. On the premise of maintaining the original high compliance force control and ± 0.01N high force control accuracy, the operating speed of the actuator is increased to 250% of the original speed, achieving faster and smoother movement, effectively shortening the completion time of the production line process and improving the work efficiency again.

02: IPEX terminal precision force control press fitting amazed everyone
TM SoftForce ® Precision force control technology has been widely used in the field of precision intelligent manufacturing. The “IPEX terminal precision force control press fitting” application unit exhibited this time attracted the attention of countless people in the industry when it first appeared in the public view.

Force Control Electric Grippers

TM Force Control Electric Grippers support small and easy to control vulnerable terminals. Under the rapid force control feedback, it can accurately find and press in. The complete set of detailed assembly actions can be completed in only 6 seconds, which perfectly solves the headache of integrators and end users that the process has been difficult to achieve automation, and greatly reduces the equipment cost and debugging difficulty.

03: high compatibility drive control integrated controller TM-ECU debuts
The third generation of TM drive control integrated servo controller (tm-ceu) was introduced at the end of last year, and it was the first time in the exhibition. The same controller can not only drive and control all kinds of Force Control Electric Grippers, electric push rods, electric sliding tables and direct drive actuators under TM, but also drive and control the mainstream foreign brand electric cylinders / actuators in the market. It can control the complete required actions of the actuators through the parameter adjustment of TM software platform. It is simple, easy to use, efficient and reliable, demonstrating TM’s powerful motion control system and technology.

Force Control Electric Grippers

04: display more precise collaborative application scenarios with a number of well-known collaborative robot brands
At the booth, TM intelligent Force Control Electric Grippers and well-known cooperative robots such as Aobo, Han’s and alite displayed precision manufacturing scenarios such as precision force controlled flexible grinding of mobile phone inner frame, adaptive clamping and transfer of small and heavy workpieces.
TM precision Force Control Electric Grippers, without adding additional sensors, can cooperate with robots to complete actions with high force control accuracy and high position accuracy, and better meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing, human-machine cooperation and flexible manufacturing.

05: a number of new actuators with excellent performance
In this exhibition, TM’s many new actuators appeared one after another, including direct drive micro actuators with high accuracy and no overshoot under high beat motion, rotary grippers (TM-rgb) famous for large clamping force and large torque, and large clamping force three prevention grippers (TM-gbtd) with safety protection grade of IP67.

two finger grippers

Based on years of technical accumulation in the field of precision motion control and rich practical experience in terminal application, TM’s actuator products are characterized by high performance, high compatibility and high reliability. They can be highly compatible with the existing equipment, control and communication modes of the customer’s production line, minimize the input cost, increase the flexibility of the production line, and finally help the customer achieve the goal of intelligent production.