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Force Control Electric Rivet Gun

Force Control Electric Rivet Gun! A brilliant new product! SoftForce ® Precision force controlled electric rivet gun

Riveting process is a commonly used and mature connection technology. The riveting guns on the market, whether manual or semi-automatic, pneumatic or electric, mostly rely on manual operation or manual installation of rivets, and cannot be directly installed and applied to equipment to achieve true full automation of the production line; Relying solely on compressed air to generate backward tension to deform and break the rivets, due to different output requirements, it is not possible to simultaneously achieve automatic nailing, pre tensioning, and nail breaking actions. Even if these actions are implemented, there may be a deviation in the coaxiality of the rivets, or a decrease in the pre tensioning force and torque of the rivet nuts, which may result in inadequate riveting and thus pose a risk of affecting product reliability.
This leads to the inability to directly use rivet guns in some connection processes that require high precision, and the need to complete fusion welding or sealing between two components through the use of laser welding and other methods, such as sealing battery injection holes and explosion-proof valve welding in the production process of power batteries.

Although laser welding has high maturity and advantages, it generates higher temperatures during the laser welding process. The metal surface is heated at a higher temperature to reach the boiling point of the material, resulting in vaporization. At this point, laser energy is transferred from the surface of the metal to form a molten pool inside the metal. When the melt pool is close to the seal, there is a risk of instantaneous vaporization in the local area of the seal, and the pressure inside the battery sprays upwards along the axis, which cannot rule out the risk of battery cracks, explosions, and other hazards.

In order to solve welding processes that require high precision and product safety, such as sealing battery injection holes, TM has been deeply involved in the production line of lithium batteries for a long time. Through joint research and development with leading global battery manufacturers, after multiple iterations and production line validation, TM has launched a Force Control Electric Rivet Gun that can be used for fully automatic equipment on production lines ® Precision force controlled electric rivet gun.

Force Control Electric Rivet Gun

A truly fully automated Soft Force Control Electric Rivet Gun  that requires no manual labor
Dare to challenge industry pain points and break industry limits!
SoftForce ® The precision force controlled electric rivet gun can be flexibly installed on the production line equipment according to the working conditions. With the help of a visual system, a mechanism can achieve a series of continuous actions of fully automated nailing, pre tightening, pulling, and retracting, without the need for manual intervention, greatly reducing the impact of unstable factors in manual operation and labor costs.

Force Control Electric Rivet Gun

This rivet gun is equipped with TM’s unique SoftForce ® Precision force control technology and efficient algorithms, the integrated drive control system is fully integrated and built into the mechanism. It is driven by an efficient direct drive motor, which can achieve precise and small non-destructive pre tensioning of rivets like human hands, accurately positioning them in the rivet hole, then pulling the rivet with huge instantaneous force, and finally exiting the broken rivet. The instantaneous maximum output of breaking can reach several thousand N.
While ensuring a large dynamic output range, precise and stable control of force ensures that the rivet action is completed well to the maximum extent, without deformation, with good sealing and consistency.


The product has high rigidity, a compact overall structure, minimizes equipment space occupation, is easy to install, and is suitable for various production line equipment; The gun body is made of high-quality alloy steel material, and after heat treatment, the hardness of the gun body is higher, making it durable and long-lasting; The rivet head is made of high steel material, which is more wear-resistant and not easily deformed.

At the same time, Force Control Electric Rivet Gun supports multiple control methods and bus protocols, which can maintain synchronization and consistency with PLC, vision system, and other devices. It can monitor force, position, and speed data in real time, and the beat efficiency is much higher than that of laser welding.
Force Control Electric Rivet Gun

Safer, more cost-effective, and more efficient
The riveting process technology of this patent is suitable for the treatment of key processes in power battery production, such as sealing the battery injection hole. It not only reduces the variables in the battery production process, makes the production process safer, ensures the sealing of the battery, improves the production stability and safety reliability of the battery, but also simplifies the sealing process of the battery injection hole, effectively reducing the overall manufacturing cost of the battery. In the manufacturing process of power batteries and other industrial automation production lines, we further meet the technological processes and intelligent equipment needs of enterprises with low cost, high quality, and high efficiency.

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