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Gantry synchronization servo drives refer to a type of servo drive system used in a linear gantry system,which consists of two parallel linear modules connected by a moving element.

In gantry synchronization, the objective is to ensure that the movement of the moving element is precisely synchronized along both axes of the gantry. This requires coordination and control of two or more servo motors, which are usually located on different sides of the gantry.

The servo drives play a crucial role in achieving gantry synchronization. They receive control signals from a motion controller or a higher-level system and translate them into precise motor commands. The drives are responsible for regulating the speed, position, and acceleration of the servo motors to ensure synchronized movement.

To achieve gantry synchronization, the servo drives typically employ closed-loop control techniques. They continuously monitor the actual position and velocity of the moving element using feedback sensors, and make real-time adjustments to the motor commands to maintain precise synchronization. This helps to eliminate errors and deviations, ensuring accurate and stable movement of the gantry.

Gantry synchronization servo drives are commonly used in applications where precise positioning and coordination are critical, such as in CNC machines, gantry robots, linear motion systems, and material handling equipment. They enable high-precision motion control, enhancing the performance and efficiency of the gantry-based systems.

The specific features and capabilities of gantry synchronization servo drives may vary depending on the manufacturer and the application requirements. Some drives offer advanced functionalities like high-speed communication interfaces, programmable motion profiles, and enhanced diagnostic tools. The selection of the appropriate servo drives depends on factors such as the payload, speed, accuracy, and environmental conditions of the gantry system.

Delta high-order servo drives: 
Speed, precision, smoothness, performance
Delta’s high-performance servo system ASDA-A3 series, with real-time tracking and precise positioning, brings extreme speed to industrial motion control equipment
Respond, create a high-precision, efficient, and stable speed control environment, and enhance the value and efficiency of the machine with exquisite and agile driving performance,
Assist clients in achieving industrial upgrading goals and work together with them to create a new future.

A3 drives

Gantry Synchronization Servo Drives

Gantry Synchronization Servo Drives

Gantry Synchronization Servo DrivesGantry Synchronization Servo Drives



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