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Guide Rail Embedded Linear Modules or Guide Rail Built-in Linear Modules by screw drives in our series are in aluminum materials, all series are dust proof and water proof for bad environments in diverse application ranges. You are welcome to  https://www.youtube.com/@tallmanrobotics to watch our video centre for more projects or news, or visit our website load down e-catalogues for further technical data.
Guide Rail Built-in Screw drive Linear Modules(Guide Rail Embedded Linear Modules) has following series in that, Base plate, sliding seat, support seat, and cover plate are all in Aluminum profiles.
Guide Rail Embedded Linear Modules have unique features as follows:
1. Rigid strengthening body: The body and sliding seat are integrated into steel to improve the poor rigidity of the original aluminum sliding seat.
2. Smaller compact size: The width is reduced to make the space required for equipment installation smaller.
3. Contour straightness: After the track is embedded in the body, it is ground, and the straightness of walking can reach 0.03mm
4. Time saving and convenient assembly
It can be fixed from top to bottom or from bottom to top without removing the steel belt.
The installation datum bearing is added on the side of the body. The bottom of the body is provided with a locating pin hole.
5. Simple maintenance:The whole series can be externally oiled without removing the cover.
6. Not prone to dust, it has dust proof and water proof function: Special steel belt structure design can reduce dust

Guide Rail Embedded Linear Modules
Guide Rail Embedded Linear Modules
Guide Rail Embedded Linear Modules
Model NoBody Width


Max Payload


Max Stroke




DriveMotor Power




TMTH55430800±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean environment
TMTH882501050±0.01/±0.005screw100/200/400Clean environment
TMTH121201101250±0.01/±0.005screw200/400/750Clean environment
Model NoMotor






Ball Screw Rod (C7)Max Load (kgs)Stroke (mm) at Max speed (mm/s) Speed (mm/s) at Max stroke (mm)Rated


Out dia (mm)Lead (mm)HorizontalVertical










































22310600mm at 100mm/S60mm/S at
53010600mm at 250mm/S 150mm/S at 800mm341
10155600mm at 500mm/S 300mm/S at 800mm170
20102.5600mm at 1000mm/S 600mm/S at 800mm85




23010600mm at 100mm/S60mm/S at 800mm170
53010600mm at 250mm/S 150mm/S at 800mm682
10288600mm at 500mm/S 300mm/S at 800mm340
20155600mm at 1000mm/S 600mm/S at 800mm170



23010600mm at 100mm/S60mm/S at 800mm3389
53010600mm at 250mm/S 150mm/S at 800mm1353
103010600mm at 500mm/S 300mm/S at 800mm674
20228600mm at 1000mm/S 600mm/S at 800mm337









































53010750mm at 250mm/S 75mm/S at 1100mm341
10155750mm at 500mm/S150mm/S at 1100mm170
20102.5750mm at 1000mm/S 300mm/S at 1100mm85




55015750mm at 250mm/S 75mm/S at 1100mm682
10308750mm at 500mm/S150mm/S at 1100mm340
20183750mm at 1000mm/S 300mm/S at 1100mm170



55015750mm at 250mm/S 75mm/S at 1100mm1353
104012750mm at 500mm/S150mm/S at 1100mm674
20225750mm at 1000mm/S 300mm/S at 1100mm337










































59527800mm at 250mm/S117mm/S at 1250mm683
107018800mm at 500mm/S233mm/S at 1250mm341
20206800mm at 1000mm/S467mm/S at 1250mm174
3210800mm at 1600mm/S747mm/S at 1250mm108




511033800mm at 250mm/S117mm/S at 1250mm1388
108833800mm at 500mm/S233mm/S at 1250mm694
204010800mm at 1000mm/S467mm/S at 1250mm347
32308800mm at 1600mm/S747mm/S at 1250mm216



511033800mm at 250mm/S117mm/S at 1250mm2100
1011033800mm at 500mm/S233mm/S at 1250mm1050
206016800mm at 1000mm/S467mm/S at 1250mm528
325010800mm at 1600mm/S747mm/S at 1250mm380

What are the advantages of guide rail built in modular automatic manipulator in handling operation?
Since its development, guide rail built in linear module has covered various industries and production lines in various factories. Among them, the automatic manipulator is the most typical, which can play a role in different fields, help the factory improve production efficiency, save time cost and human resource cost, and increase the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Solve the work needs of the factory with safety problems
Guide rail built in linear manipulator can not only reduce the labor intensity and provide material handling, but also meet the operation in special environments such as explosion-proof and dangerous places where personnel cannot enter. Greatly reduce the occurrence of casualties and ensure the life safety of enterprise staff.
It covers a small area and can also be used in a narrow working environment
Most of the guide rail built in linear automatic manipulators have small volume and small floor area. It is conducive to the layout of production lines in the plant, and a large warehouse area can be reserved. The linear module automatic manipulator can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively.

The proper application and maintenance of Guide Rail Built-in Linear Modules can determine whether each automatic machine can operate for a long time. It is very easy to cause the loss of mechanical parts in the long-term work every day. Pay more attention to maintenance, and make usual inspection: 
1) Check whether the surface layer of components is damaged, embossed or involved.
2) Whether there is abnormal vibration or noise in ball screw, linear slide rail and rolling bearing.
3) Whether the motor and coupling have abnormal vibration or noise.
4) Whether there are blurred dust, oil stains, scratches, etc. in all visible positions. The linear slide rail and ball screw must be well lubricated. If the grease (grease) is not supplemented on time, the friction between the rigid ball and the bead groove will be increased during the operation of the linear slide table, which will cause a slow construction period and reduce the service life of the slide rail and screw nut.
5) Once a month, lift the lubricating grease, remove the old oil stains, immediately scrub and tidy the surface of the slide rail and the bead groove with dust-free paper, and immediately apply it on the surface of the slide rail.
6) Once a month, the ball screw shall lift the grease, remove the old oil stains, immediately scrub the screw nut and bead groove with dust-free paper, and immediately wipe it on the surface of the screw. If the screw nut inner module is not maintained, even if the performance spare parts are applied, there is no way to exceed the expected goal, and it is very easy to be damaged. Therefore, we must pay more attention in the whole process of application.

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