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Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Table

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A heavy-duty hollow rotary table is a type of rotary table designed to handle heavy loads and provide precision positioning for heavy-duty industrial applications. The “hollow” feature indicates that the center of the rotary table is hollow, allowing for the passage of cables, tubes, or other items through the center of the table. This can be useful for applications that require the transfer of fluids, gases, or electrical signals through the center of the rotating table.

These heavy-duty rotary tables are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, automation, aerospace, and defense, where precise rotation and positioning of heavy loads are required. They are often used in conjunction with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines to perform tasks such as milling, drilling, and welding.

the Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Table today we introduce is by Model No.TMT415-L1-60

It is designed to support heavy loads and to be rotated easily to access from all angles.

These tables typically have a solid, reinforced top and a durable metal frame, and may also include additional features such as tool storage or adjustable shelves.

Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Table

Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Table


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