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Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Tables are specialized pieces of equipment used in various industrial applications to provide precise rotational positioning. These tables are integral in settings such as machining centers, automated assembly lines, and inspection systems.

Here are some key features and applications of heavy-duty hollow rotary tables:

Key Features:

High Load Capacity: Designed to handle substantial weight, making them suitable for heavy-duty machining and manufacturing processes.

Precision Movement: These tables offer accurate and repeatable positioning, essential for tasks that require high precision.

Hollow Center: The center of the table is hollow, allowing for the passage of cables, fluids, or other components through the table, which is useful in many manufacturing setups. Robust Construction: Typically made from high-strength materials to withstand harsh industrial environments and ensure longevity.

Integration with CNC Systems: Often integrated with CNC machines for automated and precise rotational control.

Versatility: Can be used in various orientations (horizontal, vertical) to accommodate different machining and assembly needs.

Ease of Maintenance: Designed for easy access and maintenance to minimize downtime.


Machining Centers: Used for tasks such as milling, drilling, and tapping, where the precise rotational positioning of the part is crucial.

Automated Welding: Provides consistent rotation for welding applications, ensuring uniform welds.

Inspection Systems: Used in quality control systems to rotate parts for inspection from all angles.

Assembly Lines: Facilitates the assembly of complex components by enabling access to different sides of the part without manual repositioning.

Robotics: Often used in conjunction with robotic arms for tasks that require rotational movement.

When selecting a heavy-duty hollow rotary table, consider factors such as load capacity, precision requirements, integration capabilities with existing systems, and the specific needs of your application to ensure you choose the right model for your purposes. Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Tables Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Tables

Technical Parameters of Heavy Duty Hollow Rotary Tables:


CAM roller type hollow rotating platform





PhotoCam Roller Hollow Rotary TablesCam Roller Hollow Rotary TablesCam Roller Hollow Rotary TablesCam Roller Hollow Rotary Tables
Design load (kgs)




Max dia of rotating plate(mm)

≤ 500 mm

≤ 900 mm≤ 1200mm≤ 2000mm≤ 2500mm

≤ 3000mm

Motor type

Planetary gear+Servo motor

Planetary gear+Servo motorPlanetary gear+Servo motorPlanetary gear+Servo motorPlanetary gear+Servo motor

Planetary gear+Servo motor

Motor in configuration


80 flange Servo80/130 flange Servo130/180 flange Servo180 flange Servo

180 flange Servo

Reduction ratio of rotating body




Overturning moment

400 N.m

625N.m1028N.m3500N.m14000 N.m

30000 N.m

Allowable input torque

≤30 Nm

≤72 Nm≤90 Nm≤500 Nm≤500 Nm

≤500 Nm

Rated output torque

≤600 N.m

≤1440 N.m≤1800 N.m≤20000 N.m≤30000 N.m

≤30000 N.m

Allowable moment of inertia


220 N.m260 N.m

18000 N.m

Allowable input speed

2000 R/min

2000 R/min2000 R/min1200 R/min2000 R/min

2000 R/min

Repeat positioning accuracy

±5 arc-sec±5 arc-sec±5 arc-sec±5 arc-sec±5 arc-sec

±5 arc-sec

Positioning accuracy

±10 arc-sec

±10 arc-sec±10 arc-sec±10 arc-sec±10 arc-sec

±10 arc-sec

Platform concentricity




Platform Parallelism




Accuracy life

20000 ( intermittent motion )

Structure type

Cam roller+cross roller bearing

Protection Grade




Weight (kg)





Driver and CableDriver and cable provided if Motor provided by Tallman Robotics Limited (Usually, we configure Delta, Inovance )
Face rotating PlateProvided if needed.(Drawing provided by the clients)
SensorsPhotoelectric sensor, brackets, sensor plates, screws are for options.
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Production of Cam Roller Hollow Rotary Tables:
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