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High force electric actuators are a type of linear actuator that can generate large pushing or pulling forces, typically in the range of hundreds to thousands of Newtons.
They are used in applications that require significant amounts of force to be applied, such as in industrial automation, robotics, and heavy machinery.High force electric actuators typically use a combination of an electric motor and a mechanical transmission system, such as a ball screw or roller screw, to convert the rotational motion of the motor into high-force linear motion.The electric motor provides the torque, and the mechanical transmission system amplifies the force output.
Key Features:
High force output: Capable of generating forces ranging from hundreds to thousands of Newtons.
Precise control: Able to provide accurate positioning and force control through feedback systems and advanced control algorithms.
Compact design: Relatively small in size compared to hydraulic or pneumatic alternatives for the same force output.
Versatility: Can be used in a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to medical devices.
Industrial automation: Robotic arms, assembly line equipment, material handling systems.
Heavy machinery: Construction equipment, agricultural machinery, mining equipment.
Medical devices: Prosthetic limbs, rehabilitation robotics, surgical instruments.
Aerospace and defense: Aircraft actuation systems, missile launchers, military robotics.

Overall, high force electric actuators are a valuable technology for applications that require significant amounts of force to be applied in a controlled and precise manner.

Today, here we introduce one of our High Force Electric Actuators for general environment as follows: 

High Force Electric Actuators High Precision Ball Screw Linear Actuators










High Force Electric Actuators

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