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High precision linear module adopts precision ball screw, with good positioning accuracy and matching with linear slider guide rail, high-quality coupling and other components, to ensure that the products are suitable for high-precision applications in complex environments.

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Tallman Robotics High Precision Linear Module High Precision Linear Module High Precision Linear Module

High precision linear module excellent transmission characteristics:

1.Transmission, no dragging during operation, and stable transmission ratio;

2.Stable transmission, high-precision linear module with buffer, shock absorption and low noise;

3.The transmission rate, environmental protection and energy saving have significant practical effects;

4.Convenient maintenance, no need for lubrication, low maintenance costs;

5.Linear module can be used for long-distance transmission,distance between management centers can reach more than 8m;

6.The range of transmission ratio is large, generally up to 10m, and the angular speed can reach 5m/S. It has a large range of output power transmission, which can reach hundreds of watts to hundreds of kilowatts. Stepping motor or AC servo motor can be used as required.

When purchasing high-precision linear modules, many people will consider the service life of linear modules. The service life here is actually called “walking life”, for example, the walking life is 20000km; The travel life of Shenzhen linear module is 50000km. Overload operation: any product, especially the product in the industrial automation field, has a rated load value. If you ignore this value, overload operation will not only cause losses to the components, but also have certain safety problems, which may be large or small. Therefore, you must pay attention to the load and your own needs when selecting modules, and you must not force overweight!

High Precision Linear Module can carry out the uniform linear movement of the load for each module combination, making the light load automatic technology fitness movement more dexterous, accurate and more targeted.

High Precision Linear Module have a high precision and firm structure, which can be used for dual axis application and multi axis combination. In modular application, the structure is simple, which greatly saves the design space of mechanical equipment.

High precision linear module have a variety of installation and connection methods and their notes for selection of design schemes. Linear modules can also be equipped with a variety of motors and motor control controllers to maintain more precise positioning and multi segment operation. When appropriate notes are selected, the combined installation rate can be improved,Different precision provisions in the design scheme shall be considered.