High Precision Linear Modules are Finished for India Clients

High Precision Linear Modules have been completed for clients from India.

How to select High Precision Linear Modules?

In linear module of linear motion transmission equipment, ball screw linear sliding table usually uses ball screw to drive the sliding seat, which can often achieve higher repeated positioning accuracy, which is more and more favored by machine tool equipment manufacturers!

We know that as a linear motion transmission equipment, screw linear slide often has three important parameters that need our attention, that is, the requirements of repeated positioning accuracy, effective stroke and maximum load can help us quickly locate the type of linear slide we need, so how to select High Precision Linear Modules? The following aspects are analyzed for you:

First, what is the accuracy of positioning repeatability in the project?

Repeated positioning accuracy refers to the repeated motion accuracy of the sliding seat in the linear motion, which is the interval between the module and the origin when it returns to the end after reciprocating. The positioning accuracy of slides with different driving modes will also be different. High precision slides are usually driven by ball screw, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach + 0.01mm. Therefore, the type of slide required can be determined only after knowing the requirements of our project for positioning accuracy. In addition, in actual use, the selection of motor and driver also directly affects the final positioning accuracy, which needs to be confirmed with the manufacturer.

Second, what is the weight of the workpiece? What is the installation method?

According to the different installation methods of the screw rod linear slide, the weight of the whole slide is different, so first determine how to use our slide? For example, horizontal use, vertical use, etc., different use methods have a certain impact on the load of the slide; The weight of the workpiece and the moment of the cantilever should also be taken into account. Therefore, there are many problems to be considered in order to determine the load, which must be considered in order to make the sliding table work better. In addition, if the load is small and there are higher requirements for effective travel, you can choose the synchronization management module. Of course, this should be determined according to the actual needs of the project. It is best to consult the manufacturer.

Third, what is the moving range or distance of the workpiece?

How do we need the workpiece to move in the project? For example, moving in a straight line on the XY plane or drawing various shapes, or operating on the XZ plane, and the moving distance of the workpiece is also very important. Through this problem, we can more clearly determine whether to use a single axis slide or a multi axis slide, and then determine the effective stroke of the linear module according to the size of the operating surface. It is worth noting that it is always right to reserve a certain space. For the effective travel, you should choose about 50mm more than the actual use.

Therefore, when purchasing screw rod linear slide, we must be clear about our needs and communicate clearly with High Precision Linear Modules manufacturer, so as to find products with reasonable price and guaranteed performance. In addition, many products in the linear motion transmission industry are non-standard customized and need to be customized according to the needs of customers. Therefore, it is also important to choose a manufacturer with design, research, development and production



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