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Hollow Bore Rotary Indexers are equipped with a hollow central bore, which allows for the passage of cables, pipes, or other components through the center of the device.  Hollow Bore Rotary Indexers/Hollow Rotary Tables are specialized mechanical devices used in various industrial applications to provide precise rotational positioning. This design is particularly useful in applications requiring unobstructed central access for various purposes.

Key Features of Hollow Rotary Tables:

Hollow Central Bore: Allows for the unobstructed passage of wires, tubes, or shafts through the center. Enhances the flexibility of machine design and integration.

Precision Positioning: Offers high accuracy in rotational movements, often essential for automated manufacturing processes.Typically used for indexing tables, CNC machines, and other precision equipment.

Durability and Load Capacity:Designed to handle significant radial and axial loads, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.Built with robust materials to withstand harsh industrial environments. Versatility; Available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications and industries. Can be integrated with additional components like rotary unions, slip rings, or encoders.

Applications: Automotive Manufacturing:Used in assembly lines for precise positioning of car parts. Facilitates tasks like welding, painting, and assembly by rotating parts to specific angles.

Robotics:Integral in robotic arms and automation systems for accurate movement and positioning.Enables complex maneuvers and operations in confined spaces.

Medical Devices:Useful in medical imaging equipment, such as CT scanners, where cables and other components need to pass through the rotation axis.Allows for smooth and precise operation without interference.

Packaging and Material Handling:Enhances the efficiency of packaging machines by accurately positioning products for wrapping, sealing, or labeling.Ensures consistent and reliable operation in high-speed production lines.

By understanding the unique features and applications of Hollow Rotary Tables, industries can enhance their automation systems, improve production efficiency, and achieve higher levels of precision and reliability. You are welcome to watch more projects or visit our website to check other series or load down e-catalogues for further technical data. 

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