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Hollow Indexing Tables are Ready for Delivery to Russia

Hollow Indexing Tables from Tallman Robotics Limited will be Delived to Russia. You are welcome to visit our download centre to check E-catalogues or watch our video centre to check more projects, indexing platforms,electric grippers.


What are the precautions when installing the motor of Rotary Platforms?
As a high-precision rotary platform, the hollow rotary platform can be used with any brand of stepping or servo motor to achieve the purpose of high precision and high torque output. So, what are the precautions for customers when using the rotating platform to install the motor?

Step 1: confirm the installation dimensions of the motor and rotary indexers, and remove all foreign matters on the surface to ensure that the motor shaft and the input shaft of the rotating platform are free of foreign matters, and the surface is smooth and free of damage.

Step 2: remove the dust-proof plug of the motor flange plate of the rotating Hollow Indexing Tables, adjust the position of the locking ring and the input shaft until the locking screw can be seen, and ensure that the direction of the locking ring and the slot of the input shaft are consistent.

Step3: adjust the motor flange plate, lightly plug the motor shaft into the force shaft end of rotary platforms, and then lock the locking screw until the locking ring is not idling.

Step4: lock the motor mounting screws diagonally according to the reference value of screw locking torque. Lock the locking ring of the input shaft of the rotary platform motor.

Step5: install the dust plug.