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Large Aperture Hollow Rotary Tables

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Large Aperture Hollow Rotary Tables from TallMan Robotics Limited have series as follows:



HRT-130 & HRT130-RL/RY/RZ(JS)

HRT-200 & HRT200-RL/RY/RZ(JS)



Model Selection code of Large Aperture Hollow Rotary Tables:

Technical parameters of Large Aperture Hollow Rotary Tables:

Model NoHRT-62HRT-85HRT-85-RL/RY/RZ(JS)HRT-130




Bearing structureCross roller bearingCross roller bearingCross roller bearing
Reduction Ratio (1)5105105102025501018102050101810205010
Rated output torque(N.m)542818282818231540284040357055707050130
Max output torque(N.m)3 times rated torque3 times rated torque3 times rated torque
Positioning accuracy(arc-min)≤2≤1≤3≤1≤3≤1≤3≤1
Repeatability accuracy(arc-sec)≤15≤15≤30≤15≤30≤15≤30≤15
Allowable disk speed(rpm)200 Intermittent operation200 Intermittent operation200 Intermittent operation150
Servo motor (w)50~100200~400200~4007501000~2000
Stepping motor42 NEMA1757 NEMA2357/86 NEMA23/3486/110 NEMA34/42110 NEMA42
Allowable axial load (N)230500200040008000
Allowable moment torque(N.m)51050100200
Torsion rigidity(N.m/arc min)2.56193258
Backlash0 (adjustable structure)0 (adjustable structure)0 (adjustable structure)
Accuracy life(h)30000h Intermittent operation30000h Intermittent operation
Level protection(IP)505050
Lubrication methodLong term effective lubricantLong term effective lubricantLong term effective lubricant
Installation methodHorizontal/Vertical/SuspensionHorizontal/Vertical/SuspensionHorizontal/Vertical/Suspension
Concentricity of rotating platform(mm)≤0.01≤0.01≤0.01≤0.01≤0.015
Parallelism of rotating platform(mm)≤0.01≤0.01≤0.013≤0.02≤0.03
Transmission efficiency (%)9595909590959095
Noise (db)≤55≤55≤63≤60≤63≤67
Weight (kg)
Design load(kg)75282045307555130
SeriesLarge Aperture Hollow Rotary Tables
Photo (L1, one stage)Hollow rotary tableMotion StageMotion StagesHollow rotary platformHollow rotary platforms
Ratio Available5,105, 1010, 1810, 1810
Photo (L2, two stages)Hollow rotary tablesHollow rotary actuatorHollow rotary actuatorsPrecisionm Hollow rotary Actuators
Ratio Available15,3015, 20, 25, 35, 5020, 30, 40, 50, 70, 10020, 30, 40, 50, 70, 10030, 40, 50, 70, 100
Repeated Accuracy≤15 arcsecOne stage ≤15 arc-sec,

Two stages ≤30 arc-sec

One stage ≤15 arc-sec,

Two stages ≤30 arc-sec

One stage ≤15 arc-sec,Two stages ≤30 arc-sec

One stage ≤15 arc-sec,Two stages ≤30 arc-sec

Matched Motor

50-100W Servo42 and NEMA17 Stepper

200-400W Servo,

57 Stepper Motor, NEMA 23 Stepper

200-400W Servo,

57/86 Stepper Motor, NEMA 23, NEMA 34 Stepper

750W Servo,

86/110 Stepper Motor, NEMA 34, NEMA 42 Stepper

1000-2000W Servo,110 Stepper Motor,NEMA 42 Stepper

Hollow Aperture28mm33mm62mm100mm150mm
Rated Output Torque5,4N.m, see catalogue28,18,23,15 N.m, see catalogue40,28,35 N.m, see catalogue70/55/50 N.m, see catalogue130 N.m
Control MethodPLC control indexing angle and speed
Indexing AngleAny Angle
Servo MotorProtocol Support Options: PT Mode Pulse Input, PR Mode, RS-485, Analog Voltage Control, CANopen, DMCNET, EtherCAT,Encoder Type Options: Absolute Magnetic Optical Encoder, Incremental Magnetic Optical Encoder,Absolute Magnetic Encoder, Incremental Magnetic Encoder
Stepper MotorOpen Loop Stepper Motor, Closed Loop Stepper Motor / Step Servo Motor (Encoder)NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA34,Control Mode Options: CANOpen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modebus TCP, Q Program, SCL, eSCL, Pulse Control, Speed Mode, Analog Control, Torque Mode.Communication Port Options: CANOpen, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP,EtherNet, RS-232, RS-485, USB Mini
Driver and CableDriver and cable provided if Motor provided by Tallman Robotics 
Dial Plate / TurntableProvided if needed.(Drawing provided by clients)

Photoelectric sensor, bracket, sensor plate provided NPN, PNP options

Production of Large Aperture Hollow Rotary Tables:

Rotary Indexing Tables

Hollow Rotary Tables, in other terms, automatic hollow rotary tables, hollow rotary actuators, hollow servo reducers, hollow stepping reducers, heavy duty hollow rotary tables,high precision hollow rotary tables. Hollow rotary table is a new rotating load equipment, which integrates high transmission efficiency, high precision, high rigidity and high cost performance.

Hollow rotary tables integrate servo motor, cam precision gear structure and radial bearing, improve torque and rigidity, and carry more stable load. It can be divided at any angle with servo motor or stepping motor, which can not only achieve full positioning accuracy, but also be comparable to direct drive motor, and can realize the positioning of inertial load in a short time. Tallman Robotics designer designed this standard structure to provide customers with a hollow rotary transmission mechanism that can be widely matched with various brands of servo motors or stepper motors for greater design freedom.

Advantages of our Hollow Rotary Tables:
1. Standard hollow structure: the platform body adopts hollow structure, which is convenient for wiring and pipe passing in mechanical design.       Corresponding clamping tools can also be installed through this hollow structure.

2. Our hollow rotary platform with high repeatability positioning accuracy adopts imported processing gears, the gear accuracy reaches level 2, and the repeatability positioning accuracy of the platform can reach ≤ 10arc sec. After the combination of the platform, the rotating disk surface of the platform and the ground mounting surface shall be grinded up and down at the same time to ensure the overall parallelism and concentricity.

3. Servo motor and stepping motor can match hollow rotating platform, which adopts open flange input, and can match with stepping and servo motors of any brand.

4. Our high rigidity hollow rotating platform with imported cross roller bearings can bear large axial and radial forces,making the overall rigidity of the platform greater.

5. Our hollow rotary platform can be installed horizontally, vertically and laterally to meet various design requirements. This platform adopts cross roller bearing, and the rotating working disk surface can be locked directly, so it is easy to use on the rotating output surface of the platform; Fully enclosed lubrication system is adopted inside the platform.

Deep groove ball bearings (2) are used for models with installation size of 60mm, and cross roller shafts are used for models with installation size of 85mm and 130mm. The greater the allowable inertia load is, on the contrary, the displacement of inertia load can be reduced.

Direct connection → simple design lifting trust hollow rotary platform reducer, which can directly install the workbench and robot arm of the equipment. When the general equipment is positioned through the belt pulley and other mechanism parts, the accuracy of the transmission efficiency of the parts is reduced, or it is necessary to repair the mechanism parts. The HRT series can be installed directly without intermediate parts, so it can not only be used directly, but also avoid the trouble of maintenance.

Large aperture Hollow Rotary Tables → simple wiring and piping. Due to the adoption of a section of reduction gear mechanism to increase the diameter of the driven gear, the design of Large aperture Hollow Rotary Table hollow hole (penetration) is realized. Suitable line and piping and other occasions, so that the equipment design is more concise.

Large aperture Hollow Rotary Table/Hollow Rotary Platform is a high precision circular arc transmission product used for station segmentation, angle rotation, positioning and fine adjustment in industrial automation equipment. It is widely used in visual inspection, laser equipment, bonding, new energy and other fields. Our reducer has the advantages of high rigidity, high efficiency, low back clearance, low noise, long service life and lifelong maintenance free. It is widely used in robots, manipulators, CNC machine tools, CNC cutting machines, CNC pipe benders, printing and packaging equipment, textile equipment, transportation and storage equipment, food machinery, etc.

How Hollow Rotary Tables Benefit Machining and Production

A hollow rotary table is a type of table that is used in machining and production. It consists of a rotating top plate with a hole in the center. The hole is used to hold a workpiece, or a tool, in place while it is being machined.
The main benefits of using a hollow rotary table are:
-They provide better support and stability for the workpiece.
-They allow for easy and precise placement of the workpiece.
-They can be used with a variety of different machining operations.

If you are looking for a table that can provide you with all of these benefits, then a hollow rotary table from Tallman Robotics is the perfect solution for you!

How Hollow Rotary Tables Benefit Machining:

Hollow rotary tables are used in machining operations to improve accuracy and speed. The hole in the center of the table provides better support and stability for the workpiece as it is machined, making it easier and more precise to place the workpiece in the correct position. It also prevents any flexing or wobbling of the workpiece as it is being machined, which can lead to inaccurate results. The added stability and precision of the hollow rotary table also allow for a variety of different machining operations to be performed. For example, the table can be used for drilling, reaming, counterboring, countersinking, faced milling and friction welding operations. With the table’s stability and accuracy, more complex machining operations can be achieved with greater efficiency and precision. Overall, the hollow rotary table is a great tool for machining operations. It helps to improve accuracy and speed, as well as providing the stability and precision necessary for more complex operations.

How Hollow Rotary Tables Benefit Production:

Hollow rotary tables not only provide better support and stability for the workpiece, but they also help to reduce production costs. The stability of the table allows for precise placement of the workpiece, which can reduce cycle times. This can in turn result in faster production, as well as increased production yields due to the improved accuracy of the machining process. The table also allows for a variety of different machining operations to be performed, which can help to reduce the need for additional fixtures and tooling. This can lead to cost savings as there is no need to purchase or maintain additional equipment. Additionally, the table’s design ensures that it takes up less space than traditional machining equipment, meaning there is no need to purchase additional floor space in order to install the table. This can help to save money on property costs. Overall, the hollow rotary table is a great tool for production operations. It helps to reduce production costs and cycle times, as well as allowing for a variety of machining operations to be performed.


A hollow rotary table is an invaluable tool for machining and production operations. It provides better support and stability for the workpiece, as well as allowing for a variety of different machining operations to be performed. Additionally, the table helps to reduce production costs and cycle times, making it an excellent tool for any machining or production operation.




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